“Becker” as I call her, has always been a highlight of my day…she comes to CFU with an attitude of No Fear and is always willing to go for whatever the trainer asks of her. At 54 years young, Jenny has ruled out the premises that one can’t start lifting weights, climb ropes, do handstands, run 5K’s or anything else set before her as she continues her fitness journey. I’m so very proud of how far she has come and I’m Blessed to have her as a friend and member of CFU! Keep it up, Becker!

I started Crossfit in Feb 2012. I was out of shape, overweight, had never lifted weights, and had never stayed with an exercise program for more than a few months at a time.

I had always thought Crossfit was for young, strong people. When my daughter (Shara) called and asked if I wanted to try it with her, I was more than a little leary. I had never lifted weights, climbed a rope, or heaven forbid do a handstand! The day I walked through those doors was the best thing I had ever done for my health and fitness!

In Jan 2013 I did my first nutrition challenge. I lost both weight and inches. And it wasn’t just that – I was stronger and felt GOOD!! Within 6 months I was able to stop taking my high blood pressure medicine!

I remember the first time I ran 100 m without stopping, and as always, I had my CrossFit family cheering me on. I have gained more self confidence and have started stepping out of my comfort zone.

I ran my first 5K in 2012, and have recently PR’d my back squat, clean and jerk, and push press. I go to the box as often as I can, and I’m not afraid to try anything new! I am better than yesterday and plan to continue on this journey with my CFU family!


Congrats Brent on your one-year CFU Anniversary yesterday! When I look at you and all of the other members who have been with CFU for that amount of time and then some, I see dedicated and special people. Like Brent states below, I met his wife, Shelly in college(volleyball and sorority :) ) and I’m glad she “drug” Scriv in for the BOGO special we had that month!
Scriv says he’s lost a few pounds, I happen to know it’s more than a few…but the most important thing is HIS Transformation and how he feels about himself. When going through a transformation it is good to see the outward changes, but it’s even BETTER to feel the inner changes!

Thank you Scriv for your humor and friendship at CFU! You are a Blessing! :)

I will start this out by stating my belief that there is no before and after as we all see advertised everywhere in the weight loss and fitness industry. Everything we do in our lives is during our life and sometimes we find ourselves in some state of being junk. I could map all the things I was and wasn’t doing to take care of myself, but suffice it to say in 2013, my physical and mental self was beat up and beat down at the same time.
My wife played college volleyball with Debbie and she, Shelly, was the one that actually started the CrossFit conversation and had been talking with Debbie. In my typical way, I started to do research and was one that thought these people are out of my league, but I also was determined that something needed to change. Shelly and I showed up on December 1, 2013. Unfortunately for her, those old volleyball knees didn’t cooperate, but I’m confident she will bring that store bought knee to the box someday.
I remember the first day being a little nervous and couldn’t figure out why I was nervous, but I settled in quickly. Here is where I could go on about the CFU community, but you’ve heard all that, but it is true. The reality of why I’ve stuck with CrossFit for a year is because I was mad. I was mad that I was in the shape I was in; I was not 25 years old, strong and fit. I remember those first WODs where I was in pain, half nauseous and foaming at the mouth, but knowing that I was getting better. And this is what I love about CrossFit; seeing those PRs from myself and others.
I could go on about Kool-Aid and all the CrossFit perceptions that get posted on Facebook, yes; I have fallen into most of those categories. What sets this experience apart during my life is that my perception of myself is changed. Although I don’t always do the things perfectly outside of the box that I should be doing, I feel that what I do is on my terms. My perception of life is different and I’m enjoying it more.
As most of you know, I sign the board as Scriv, my alter ego, or perhaps just a nickname. As for transformations, I have enjoyed getting to know the people at the box and have enjoyed seeing how people have gotten to know me. Yes, I know I’m a smart aleck and yes, I know I can seem intense sometimes, but I really just like to laugh and be funny, even if I’m the only one that thinks I’m funny. Part of this experience is not taking life too seriously because no one gets out alive, we might as well enjoy the ride.
My family is the main reason for needing to be stronger and fit. My daughter is 10 and as I’ve mentioned to a few people and on the CFU Members site, I will turn 50 next year. I’ve set goals for myself to get even better and although the goals have timelines, it’s all during and I will continue to look further ahead. This piece is supposed to be about transformation…yes, I’ve lost a few pounds, but mostly I’m better and stronger and that is what feels so great, but my transformation is ongoing and is as much mental and spiritual as it is physical, but the latter breeds the former.
One last note and you can quote me or steal it for your own, “This S*** Works.”


Well, today’s my anniversary…my “fitness journey” anniversary. Four years ago, I decided I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. I had made the decision to start my own health/nutrition challenge through Body for Life after several years of feeling like a slug…eating the wrong things, not being active, sitting in a CHAIR while telling my PE kids what to do! Enough of that I said…so I embarked on what was a life-changing moment. I found an app called “Lose It” and started putting every single calorie into that app. I set a goal of losing at least 15# during that 12-wk challenge…Four years ago I weighed 223 pounds and I was a depressed and lazy soul. I knew I could make it happen because I had succeeded before with this nutrition/workout plan. I lifted weights (in sets and reps) 3 days a week and did 20 minutes of cardio 3 days a week. I was determined…I took pictures, weighed and measured myself every four weeks…After the first 4 weeks I think I lost 5#; it was something (and Christmas was in there so I had a free day) and I knew that if I stayed the course I would succeed. I plugged along continuing to enter my food/drink in the app, stayed motivated through an online forum (some amazing friendships were made through that!), and began to see some changes. My first challenge ended in March of 2010 and I lost 18# and about 10 inches. Took the pics again and they definitely do not lie. Friends and co-workers saw the change and encouraged me to keep going.

Enter Challenge 2…this is when I got the courage to enter my first 5K…May 1st, 2010 I ran my first one in 38:42. My goal was to run the whole way without stopping and to FINISH! I did finish and I got a 2nd place medal (ya, there weren’t very many people entered in my age group, but still, I was Ecstatic!) This started an at least twice a month 5K venture and the extra cardio helped me lose even more weight during the second challenge. During the second challenge, with my good eating habits, lifting heavier weights and doing more cardio, I finally got below the 200# mark; made it to 182# as I lost 23# during that time. Holy cow, the responses I got! I was on a roll!

I was starting to lose my focus with the same old routine of lift for an hour one day, run the next, lift for an hour the next and so on…I half-heartedly began my 3rd challenge and was 3 weeks into the challenge when I saw my friend post something about this “new” thing called CrossFit…she was going to take a Fundamentals class in her hometown. I was intrigued so I googled it and immediately saw that there was a CrossFit Kids program…that’s what attracted me to CF at the beginning. I wanted to incorporate CF into my PE program. I didn’t understand ANY of what was posted on the mainsite, what the heck was a WOD anyways and they did WHAT??? I told my friend she was crazy but brave for trying it. She made it through the class and would tell me what they did and she challenged me to do some crazy workout…so I went to my basement (home of the original Mid-MO Fitness), and did the workout…It was “only” about 8 minutes but it kicked my @$$! And she just laughed at me! This got me hooked…I started making up my own workouts and along with continuing with my running got caught up in the CrossFit craze. A box opened up in Columbia and I went to classes 2-3 times per week depending on my coaching schedule. I was hooked and was making up crazy stuff at home! Imagine that! After the last 12 weeks of another challenge, I lost another 17#, but went from a body fat % of 23% to 15% and that was because I started eliminating grains from my diet…It was crazy! I weighed 165# and people thought I only weighed 130!

So the CrossFit bug got me…I visited my friend in January of 2011 and we had this wild notion of getting CrossFit Level 1 certified; she wanted to become a trainer, I just wanted to have it so I could do the stuff “legally” at my school. In March of 2011 I became Level 1 certified and was on top of the world…and then came up with the Mid-MO Fitness business plan…run a couple of boot camps to help out the moms at the school. We didn’t do any weights other than the 10/15# kettlebells and body weight movements. We met at 5:30am or 4:45pm 2-3 days a week and that’s when my desire to help people really took shape. I conducted a seminar for nutrition/workouts and then things started rolling after that. I traveled to Tennessee in the Fall of 2011 and got inspired to apply for affiliation through CrossFit…3 weeks later I got confirmation that CrossFit Unstoppable was then one of the 6,000 affiliates worldwide. This was a scary time because at the time I was a wife, mom, full time teacher and was still coaching. How in the heck was I going to make a CF gym work?

The verse “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Phil 4:13 has kept me going this whole time. I have always believed that if I did the right things for the right reasons, then all will turn out the right way. So four years later and 3 boxes later, I can honestly say that I am the happiest I have ever been. I have been able to help hundreds of people ages 4-76 and the ripple effect from this amazes me! Give More, Get More…I hope that you all are the happiest you have been in a long time because of your experience with CrossFit Unstoppable…words cannot describe the emotions I have for you guys and gals…YOU keep me going and for that I thank you for making my day every day!

Hopefully you didn’t fall asleep during this little spiel, just wanted to share a special day with you! And know that WHEREVER you are in your fitness journey, you CAN DO IT!! Dedication, Discipline and Determination will get you through!

Edith Verslues

What a Blessing this lady has been to me! So very thankful that she showed up at my house back in the day and then kept coming back! Edith is the perfect example of one who never gives up and shows that if you set your mindset right, you can accomplish great things!
Edith is my Hero and I’m sure she is a hero to many others as well! Keep doing amazing things, Edith! 🙂

Edith’s Story…
May 2011 I was a two year breast cancer survivor. I went to a 6 month check-up with my Oncologist and frankly I left there scared. Even though I had been going to the Y faithfully for 8 years I was headed the wrong direction. All my numbers were up – weight, blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol. I realize now I was on auto-pilot at the Y. I did the same thing every day and every week. Really the only thing I was accomplishing was rising early and going. At the time my granddaughter was playing on a club volleyball team that was coached by Debbie. Kim suggested I call Debbie about helping me as a personal trainer. As they say the rest is history. I look back at the notebook from that session and laugh. I couldn’t work out with a 15# dumbbell so I purchased 3# wrist weights and used the 10# weight. I thought I was going to die that first night when I left. I was barely able to walk up the steps and drive home. Debbie probably wondered if I would be back!
I am amazed by what I have accomplished with the help of Debbie and CFU. Yes l lost weight and inches but the strength and confidence I have gained mean so much more. For the first time in my life I feel like an athlete.
I consider CFU and its members to be my family. I love how you have all taken my brother Keith in as your own. CFU is not just a gym, you are not just a member, we are family and we genuinely care about each other. We respect each other’s goals and abilities and we are here to support and encourage.
It has been quite a journey! Personal trainer, boot camp babes, mini-box, little box and mega box. I thank God I had the courage to call Debbie. I believe God scared me just enough to motivate me. Thank you Coach for all you have done and continue to do for me. I am excited to see what the future holds for CFU!!

Fred Rosslan

Every person who walks through CFU’s doors has a general goal in mind, most of the time it’s to lose pounds and inches. Some just want to remain fit for daily activities and others want to get stronger.

There have been many transformations I’ve seen and my brother-in-law’s is probably the BIGGEST…you see, with transformations such as these, a person not only changes on the outside (what the every day person sees), he/she changes on the inside.

Three years ago I was the crazy sister-in-law who opened up a CrossFit gym…Fred’s wife Sarah was a part of my boot camps and eventually followed me with the CF venture and I believe her and my coaxing Fred into trying CF was what got him through the door.

Fred has changed on the inside and out and has definitely made a positive change for the better. His positive attitude with the athletes transfers to their positivity and that’s what transformation is all about…doing something good for yourself in order to do something better for someone else!

Keep doing great things, Fred…I know you’re not finished yet!

I began my CrossFit journey on May 12, 2012 after being invited by Coach to “give it a try”.

Well at the time I was one cheeseburger away from a heart attack, and I decided the kids may need a dad to be around. So after getting my rear kicked and losing badly to a peppy blonde, a gal & guy older than me, I decided I like this crap.

Now two years later, 131 pounds less and a lot of inches gone, I feel much better. I like it so much I got certified to be a CF Trainer.
Each one of us is put here to make our lives better; take the jump, be awesome…you may surprise yourself. ~Fred Rosslan

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