What used to be & What next…

Pretty different from yesterday… :/ 43% bf
Here’s the “what’s next…” Get back here…15.1% bf

After posting that bikini picture yesterday, I realized that maybe I should have thrown out that horrendous looking before picture…the picture where I felt like a whale, felt so worthless and was so depressed at the time. Yes, the “after” picture took some time to get there, but was it worth the getting up at 4:30am to hit the weights and treadmill at the Y (remember this was pre-CF πŸ™‚ ), hell yes it was. It takes consistency, discipline and hard work to reach the goals that you really desire.

Did I really want it? Yes…I wanted to have more energy…I wanted to look better…I wanted to be a better example for my own kids and the kids that I was teaching PE to. YES, I was a PE teacher/coach and I vividly remember my @$$ sitting down IN a chair during one of my PE classes at Trinity telling my kids to run laps, telling them FROM THE CHAIR to do their exercises…because I didn’t have the energy to stand up and lead them. At that point, I said “this is ridiculous and something needs to be done”…So December 9, 2009, I took the dreaded before pic…back then we didn’t have the fancy phones to take pictures, so I had to set up a timer on my digital camera with film (do y’all know what that is? πŸ˜‰ ) and click, there I was πŸ™ Had the film developed and was embarrassed to go and get them because I knew whoever got them from the machine probably saw them.

So I’ve been there, the feeling of worthlessness, nothing will work for me, what diet or pill can I take now to help me, it takes too much energy so I’m just not going to try, my family loves me just the way I am, and the list goes on and on. But again, the journey was completely worth it because I was able to change my MINDSET and how I felt about ME; not what others thought of me (even though the outpouring of support was amazing!). I was finally able to stick to a program and feel good about what I was doing. I want that for YOU as well!

Where are you right now? Stuck? Feel like the road is too long so why even bother? Well, what if I would have stayed stuck back in 2009? I definitely would not have been where I am today, I am VERY confident of that AND you would not be reading a Blog post from me right now. I still find things surreal and that I am even living this life right now. All the glory to God and my faith in keepin’ on…

You can be there too! I got into this business to help people reach their goals…whether to lose weight, get stronger, eat better, or general overall health. We have on site programs whether group or personal training and now offer online services in nutrition and physical training.

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