August Athletes!

The August Athletes of the Month are also some Transformation stories as well! So thankful to have them as a part of CrossFit Unstoppable! I and the other members look forward to seeing more goals accomplished in the future with you two! Keep up the great work! 

Gina Henley-48

Two sons Brandon 24 & Zachary 21

No significant other ๐Ÿ™

I presently work for state auditors office which requires significant amounts of travel. The biggest obstacle in my crossfit journey.

I really like everything about crossfit because the things I dislike like running are getting a little easier one class at a time. I love participating in the hero wods.

I am proof anyone can do this even after major surgeries if you want it bad enough. December 13th will be my third birthday of double knee replacement and look at where I am…..doing crossfit with some truly amazing and inspirational athletes. I started crossfit a little over a year ago but was hard for me to step outside my own box but I came every Friday morning I could and a few Saturdays. I started couch2fit and came Thursday and Saturday while I traveled and Friday mornings regular wod. I can’t remember exactly but a few months back I gained a little more courage stepping out of my comfort zone and started attending regular wods all together. It was an inner struggle and still is some days. I fight with so many emotional scars from my first memories of being a toddler that a lot of things are hard for me. But CFU has helped me every step with all the great coaching, the great people to workout with. I have not much positive going in my life right now but CFU. I look forward to going every chance I can because even if its hard for me to step out if my inner box I know what I receive when I step inside CFU. So to everyone at CFU that has encouraged me, rather it was a simple smile, a pat on the back, an encouraging word, or just running by my side, thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the love and acceptance into the CFU family. Coach is amazing and has created an amazing place for people to attend.

Gina, I’m so grateful that you were willing to step out of your comfort zone and walk through CFU’s doors! You may not know it, but there are individuals who look up to you for your strength and determination. It’s with those two qualities you have reached your place in life now. Keep doing what your doing and you’ll continue to be Better Than Yesterday! ๐Ÿ™‚
Allen Golden

Age: 48ish

Wife: Cherie Golden

Six kids (5 boys, 1 girl) Trevor, Caleb, Austin, Seth, Abigail, Benjamin

Deputy Juvenile Officer and I Pastor Old Paths Baptist Church

Started Crossfit one year ago this month

My favorite movements would be wall balls and pull ups. My least favorites would be snatches and overhead squats, I love doing the partner wod’s. 

I joined Crossfit because I was looking for a full body workout and I wanted to sweat. I wrestled all the way through high school and college and I was looking for something that would match that caliber of workout. I had joined other gyms but nothing really satisfied my cravings for a good work out. Four of my sons are college and high school aged and I am not getting any younger. We love to hike and ride bikes so I was wanting something that would help me keep up with them. I love the atmosphere of cross fit. As mentioned before I had joined other gyms, but never really got to know any one at those gyms; Crossfit, on the other hand is family. We get to know each other and I love the fact that we can cheer each other on, no matter what level we are at in our work outs. Thanks to Crossfit, and the great instructors, I am in my best shape since my college years, and I look forward to going to the gym for that good, well rounded work out!

Allen, it has been great watching you progress through this last year! I think the highlight was when we finished our lonnnggg nutrition challenge and you were waiting patiently as I took care of my volleyball kids to tell me that you had just accomplished your last goal of the challenge, 10 strict pullups! Remember when you could only do one?!? Look how far you have come! Keep on Keepin’ on my friend! You’re definitely going to be able to keep up with your boys! ๐Ÿ™‚




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