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Fear is an emotion we do not like to experience. Yet remember, it can also end up becoming the motivating factor to get you to finally take action. You finally decide to “move forward”. When you experience fear, your body and mind respond with a “fight or flight” stance. It has its purpose.
Anxiety can cause you to become paralyzed due to being overwhelmed. Fear… Will limit your choices. This brings a new clarity to your life. You’re forced to choose action. You either move away from something or muster the courage to face it. And when you face it you’re finally able to fight it. So are you afraid?…if so RUN with it. Appreciate what you have. Know that you are more than capable NOW. Let it motivate you. Turn fear into courage. Make it work for you… take charge…you are in control!

What is holding you back? What do you want to take control of today and get past? FEAR- false evidence appearing real…


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Road Rally is a GO!!

Be at the box by 630 for instructions! BYOB…There’s still room for teams!!

Fun is in store!! You don’t wanna miss! 🙂


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Surgery update…

Putting this on the website since I know some of you probably haven’t heard through Facebook…surgery went well had a labrum tear, slight rotator cuff tear, had to reattach some of the bicep tendon and had a bone spur shaved off still a little groggy but I’ll be back in business soon! Take care and thanks everyone for the prayers!!

Now go and do some Burpees for me!

By the way if you haven’t liked CrossFit Unstoppable on Facebook go ahead and do that now!



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“It’s That Time Again…”

This is a post from my very dear friend, Michelle, who by the way got me started with this craziness of CrossFit!

I’m really tired of people making excuses…what are your goals, how do you want to look by the end of 2013?? There’s only 2 months and 8 days left…what are YOU going to FO to help YOU?!?
I want to help…help me help you! 😉

“What time? It’s the bear syndrome time! People start sleeping in instead of keeping up their morning routine of going to the gym.

It’s feed the bear time as well. I see it every year, the big sweaters come out and the treats start showing up in the break-room. Be it Halloween, Football Friday, or the holidays the food starts coming out en masse and all good intentions go straight to the bottom of the priority list.

What can you do to keep yourself on track during the colder months of the year?

Remind yourself of your goals. Make post it notes to remind yourself of why you don’t need to hit the break-room every time a load of junk shows up.

Be very selective of your picking and choosing. Have a treat, just don’t have a treat every day or two or three times a day at that.

Bring something healthy to snack, yes, be that girl or guy, you know, the one everyone KNOWS will bring something healthy. For me, I always try to be the one bringing the protein. That way at least I know there will be something for me to munch on. Yep I’m selfish like that.

And lastly, keep yourself moving. Don’t let the cold weather become your excuse to derail your efforts.”


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Self Defense Class in JC…

Hey there ladies!!! I’m writing to let you know we are coming back to Jefferson City with another Rape Aggression Defense class!! Finally!! The new class will be:

November 15 (6p-9p) & November 16 (8a-5p) Need to attend both sessions.

Cost is $35/person

T-shirt and most meals provided

I expect this class to fill very quickly because it’s been a while since we have been there and I’ve had many requests. If anyone needs a registration form, please email me at

Please forward info on to anyone you know!!

Sarah Fuehring
Power Up Executive Director
RAD Instructor Trainer


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“Thank God for CrossFit…”

Received this email from my mother-in-law last week…totally made me smile! Terry has been a member of the Masters class since February and I’m proud of how far she has come!
She recently took a trip to Croatia…

“We go everywhere on a big bus that is ON TIME all the time. When they say be here at 2 oclock, they mean 2 oclock not 2 or 3 minutes after. Yesterday Carolyn left her coat with her cell phone in it at the place we had pizza. She remembered just as the bus was getting ready to go. She has bad knees and can not move fast. The tour guide said she would have to get on the other bus leaving in ten minutes and she would be in big trouble. She pleaded with me to go get it for her. I told the tour guide the pizza place was just around the corner about 400m away and I was going after it for her. She said go ahead but if we are gone you have to ride the other bus. I did my best Crossfit ever and did a WOD where I ran back with the coat. I made the bus and didnt have to ride the second bus. Three minutes to go like from Crossfit to the car wash and back. Today we went up and down in a cave which was a one mile walk after we got off the tram. It was one mile inside the cave,…Up steep inclines and Down steep pathways. I dont want any more flack about doing step ups because today we went to see a castle which had 57 steps and about 200m of pathway in between. Another Crossfit couple called Crossfit Connections was in the cave also. They were a young couple about in their late twenties. Thanks for getting me in shape or I never could have done what I did. Mom Rohslan”

EVERYONE keep working on the Sport of Functional Fitness! You never know when it will come in handy! 😉
(Mom Roz is the first on the left of front row) 🙂


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Better Than Yesterday!

[Editor’s Note: This article was originally published on October 28, 2008.]

In October of 2006, Greg Glassman gave me the most important lesson of my life. It has nothing to do with barbells or pull-ups, sweat or pain. In fact, it has very little to do with exercise at all.
His words, paraphrased and non-profound: The pursuit of excellence is rewarded.

Simple and axiomatic, it would be easy to dismiss this lesson as self-help drivel. Yet put into action, it is the most powerful thing on the planet. It’s taken me two years to appreciate its potency, and ten short months to see its effects.

I’ve pared it down for my own use, coining a three-word phrase that reminds me that today is not just another day: Better than yesterday.

Today is an opportunity to run faster than ever before. To lift more weight. To make better videos and write better articles. To create better athletes. To make every client happy. To embrace the fact that yesterday’s efforts were nothing more than an unsatisfactory attempt at an uncompromising ideal.
You’ve got to reject where you are before you can get where you’re going.
“Better than yesterday” is hard. It requires you to be your own worst critic, while maintaining the belief that you are fully capable of remedying your own faults.

This juxtaposition can be hard to sustain. It is easy to find satisfaction in mere competency, to believe that the job you’re doing is the best you can do. The identification of fault is much harder on the ego, an unending assault on the bastion of identity. “Better than yesterday”, with its implicit focus on excellence and explicit criticism of self, is an uncomfortable place.

I have a whiteboard in my office, bearing the unceremonious title “Things We Suck At”. This list is the CEO of Again Faster, and it says nasty things about me and my company. It keeps me honest and unsatisfied, and the second I become smug, it’s there to drive me into action, mocking me for my shortcomings. I don’t particularly like to look at that whiteboard, but it keeps us on a beeline toward excellence, and it’s done more for our company than any consultant ever could.

When Greg drew a capital “E” on the whiteboard at CrossFit Boston and launched into the relationship between excellence and reward, I understood his point, but I didn’t really get it. The concept was too vague. Two years later, “better than yesterday” has given me a concrete way to act on his philosophy, and the results have been profound. We’re way better off than we were yesterday, and tomorrow will prove to be even brighter.

Take this philosophy, and apply it to your pursuits, whether personal or professional. You’ll find, as I did, that excellence boils down to a simple truth: you’ve got to reject where you are before you can get where you’re going. You’ve got to be better than you were yesterday.
Jon Gilson is the owner of Again Faster. Photograph courtesy of David Foster.


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Sunday… :)

No Either/Or today… you DON’T get a Choice 🙂 BUT, you can CHOOSE to come to the WOD at 3pm…

Happy Sunday!

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Faith~CrossFit Lisbeth

Post from Lisbeth I came across today…take a minute and read THEN make a CHOICE…you want happy or sad?? Totally up to you!

Faith: you got to have it.

I’m not talking about “throw your hands up to Jesus” faith. You can have that or not, I don’t really care — that’s up to you.

I’m talking about faith in yourself. In the person next to you. In your loved ones. In what you’re doing here. In your life.

Faith that if things are bad, they’ll get better. Faith that if you work hard, dreams will come true. Faith that love is out there, waiting for you in so many ways — you just have to open your eyes.

Without faith, life is kind of mean. You look over your shoulder all the time. You expect the worse. You prepare for the letdown. And so the dark dreams come to pass. Your life feels hollow and dry and interspersed only with random points of happiness. Joy eludes you and seems always to sit in other people’s pockets.

Without faith, the bar is always too heavy, the kettlebell is too much, the pull-up bar is too high, there are too many muscle-ups in the workout. You’re not a gymnast after all, right?

You can feel this way. You can be this way. It’s probably valid.

Or you can just say “F**k it.”

Life isn’t perfect. The bar is heavy, but I’m going to lift it. The pull-up bar is too high but I can get there. The other guy got this promotion but I’m getting the next one. That spot on the x-ray? F**k it: I can beat that. So he left me? Yeah, there are a million other fish in the sea. F** it all.

I‘m here. I’m strong. And I’m not going anywhere. I got faith.

Your life. Your choice. Your ending is happy or sad, your life is happy or sad, your day is happy or sad — depending not on the circumstances in it, but on how you view things.

So don’t come to me with your stories of woe. Don’t come to me with your self-pity and your Poor Me Syndrome. Come to me with your victories of the spirit, with your smiles and joy. Same breeds same. With every breath and every thought, you decide what you want more of. Choose darkness, or have faith. Of this you can be certain: Life will reply.


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Flu Shot Anyone??

Tiffany will be offering up flu shots at the box Friday night. Ages 3 and up; cost is $25. Save time going to the doctor’s office and let her stick ya at the box! 🙂