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“Enter the Race”

“I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.” – 2 Timothy 4:7 

This past week, I put my name in the pool for a 100-mile mountain trail run. I won’t find out for a month whether I’ve been chosen through the lottery, but as soon as I pressed the “submit” button, my life was changed. I suddenly had a goal, a potential feat of unusual strength, which I may have to accomplish in the months ahead. 

Suddenly, I became focused on this future finish line. Since having put my name in the lottery, I have a fresh determination which has already impacted how I live. My athletes notice a rekindled fire in me, and it came simply because I entered a race. That one decision has changed my life. I am more focused, more motivated, and more determined to run well and to finish the goal of 100 miles.

Spiritually speaking, we also have a race set before us. But we will never truly compete if we don’t sign up. Just like I had to submit my name for the ultra trail run, there was a day when I had to completely submit and surrender my life to Christ. And that day forever changed my life’s focus. God became my driving force, not me. My purpose was redirected to running well in His race, not stumbling through life aimlessly and empty. But like training for a race, the road hasn’t always been smooth. I have had some pretty intense workouts, days when I didn’t feel like I could push through. I’ve had seasons of injury where I have been too spiritually crippled to run and weeks of dehydration where I was left thirsty and dry, but I was determined to not give up. I had entered this race with Christ and was going to keep pressing on. And just like a dedicated personal trainer, Christ came to my aid. He gave me comfort, conviction and confidence to get up and run again, stronger than before.

So today, take that first step. Hit the spiritual submit button in your life and enter the race, His race. Gain a new focus in life and begin running with Christ the path He has marked out for you.

This devotion came from Fellowship of Christian Athletes. I think we all need that little push here and there to hit that button whether it be physically or spiritually. Commit to The Lord and He will guide your ways! Have a Blessed day my friends! 🙂


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