CFU & Mid-MO Fitness DEALS!!

hot deals

Belinda is in the Christmas spirit so for the next 12 days, CrossFit Unstoppable and Mid-MO Fitness will be offering a DAILY DEAL!

Tonight the website will go LIVE (Thanks, Britt!) and will have the daily deal! I will be alternating from CFU to MMF each day up til Christmas Day. Just something different to offer to members and future members!

If you have not “liked” CrossFit Unstoppable or Mid-MO Fitness on Facebook (shame on you! 😉 ) LIKE them today! That way you can see what I have to offer and you can share with your friends and family!

Mid-MO Fitness will be having an Open House next Saturday from 2-4…there will be an ad in Sunday’s paper so if you are at all interested in the batting cages, turf rental, or golf lanes…you might want to show up to get an “extra special” deal that day! 🙂 Trying to give my CFU members first dibs on the new expansion!

Thanks for what you make CFU…Awesome and Amazing!

AND…I have a DEAL for all my current members….hopefully you can be at the CFU Christmas party Saturday night at 6:30 to hear the announcement! 🙂 If you can’t, well…guess you’ll have to wait longer 😉



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