CFU’s Athletes of the Month – July

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The trainers and I would like to announce this month’s athletes of the month! Tom Hildrich, Sherry Hess, Kenny Jackson, and Shara Buechter! Congrats to these four athletes for always striving to do their BEST, day in and day out! Every month the trainers and I will choose 4 athletes to feature so be looking for an email in the next few weeks…You could be the next CFU Athlete of the Month! 🙂

Tom Hildrich

Age: 43

Spouse: Beth (Married 23 years)

Children: Dottie and Jake

Place of Employment: Central Bank

How Long Crossfitting: Since November 2013 (about 8 months)

What I love most about CFU/CF:
I’m not a fitness expert.  So, I like that the classes are led by people that know a lot more than I do about the movements.  If left on my own, I’d sit on the couch.  So I like that someone has already decided on what I’m going to do each day.  I get to show up and work out as hard as I possibly can.  I’m not easily motivated.  So, I like that I’ll be surrounded by people that are doing their best and that inspires me to be better.  I’m not athletic.  I’m usually the slowest, the last, and have the lowest number of reps.  I’m OK with that.  I know that I’ll be stronger if I show up and push myself to my limit.

But what I love about CFU is the positive attitude that everyone has.  Everyone lends words of encouragement.  I often feel like I didn’t do that well, but when someone tells me that they think I did great, that really makes my day and that’s what keeps me coming back to CFU.

Sherry Hess

A little bit about myself….
I am a 48 year old mom of 2 wonderful boys.  I have been married to my high school sweetheart, Billy Hess, for 26 years and live in California, MO.  I am the Director of Financial Services for the Division of Professional Registration and love my job. However, it can be very stressful and Crossfit has saved me from serious health issues as I get older.  I feel like it has truly saved my life!

I have been working out at Crossfit Unstoppable since January 2013 and have loved every workout no matter how hard.  I think that is what has proven to be so enticing to keep coming back – no workout seems the same and I love them all (even the wicked ones).  Once I am done I think, “Wow, I did that!”

The trainers are awesome!  They are always encouraging and helping to modify if necessary. They are always going that extra effort to help me to improve myself, make sure I have proper form, and that I make the most of the workout.

The family/team atmosphere is incomparable  to any workout experience I have ever had.  It goes beyond just getting a workout.  It is such a positive mentality and so different than other workout locations.   Everyone is always so encouraging and supportive.  I am very proud to report the I am happily addicted to Crossfit and love to be part of the CrossFit Unstoppable “Tribe”!

Kenny Jackson: age 27


 No kids

 Employer: Missouri State Medical Association

 I started Crossfit in January of 2013

 What I like most about CFU/CF is why I choose to do Crossfit in the first place. First, just going to a gym is incredibly boring now. The physical and mental challenges you face in Crossfit are daunting. The community, teamwork and motivation help alleviate those challenges. Second, nothing really compares to that feeling like you’ve been on your deathbed for the last 20 minutes to that immediate euphoric/high feeling you get when the WOD is over. Third, I like to think I would outlast my friends (who don’t Crossfit) during a zombie apocalypse. Finally, I don’t do Crossfit because I want to win the Crossfit Games and be “The Fittest Man on Earth”. I do Crossfit because I want to continue to be fitter and healthier than the Kenny Jackson of January 2013.

Shara Buechter

About me:
I am 33 years old. I have been married for almost 6 years to Eric and we have two children: Courtney (18) who is heading to MSU in the fall to pursue a degree in Physical Therapy and Rowan (4) who most of the box has had the privilege of meeting! 🙂 I work in Finance at Scholastic Inc and love what I do. I started my journey with CFU two and a half years ago. Since then I have been able to do things I was certain my body wasn’t capable of. I love Crossfit because each time I finish a workout, especially a Hero WOD (or anything with running), I’m amazed at what I just accomplished. I am never first or have the most reps but I’m not competing with anyone but myself. All I can do is be better than yesterday!
These four testimonies are exactly what I hope each and every one of our athletes feel…to be part of something that makes you strive to be Better Than Yesterday! When you see these four, give them a high five! 🙂


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