You’re running low on energy at about 2:00 in the afternoon at work, what do you reach for? Chances are you are likely to grab the most convenient thing to give you a quick caloric boost and increase your energy levels at least until the end of the day. At many offices quick snacks often times consist of candy bars at the receptionist’s desk, chips from the vending machine or a soda from the refrigerator in the kitchen. But each of these items can actually have an adverse effect and while you may get a temporary sugar boost, you will quickly crash feeling worse off over time. It’s time to consider paleo energy snacks that promote long-lasting natural release energy for your busy day.

The Paleo diet, or the diet of our caveman ancestors, has been around for years and for loyal followers to this diet, consistent energy levels, as well as a whole host of other benefits, has been a driving factor for people to continue eating hunter/gatherer style. The foods listed above, chips, candy or sugary soft drinks, all give you a quick energy rush because the sugar is let into your blood stream far too quickly. Then, your blood sugar levels drop and you are left to crash and burn without energy putting you in a vicious cycle.

With the Paleo diet, the foods you consume were meant to be eaten by humans and are therefore processed differently in your body leaving your blood sugar levels neutralized and more under control. Here are a few of the foods you can reach for to help fuel you when you are in need of a boost of energy.

  • Lean protein – Most people believe that reaching for something sugary is the best way to get an energy boost, but in many cases protein can have an even longer lasting impact on your overall energy levels. Lean protein, such as turkey or chicken, can give your metabolism a boost and leave you feeling full for longer. This means no crash and better health overall for your body.
  • A handful of nuts – Nuts of any kind, almonds, cashews, sunflower seeds, contain protein and healthy forms of fat that can give your body a much needed energy boost without the risk of a spike in your sugar levels. You do not need many nuts to achieve the results you are after, so reach for a small handful and get back to being productive.
  • A cup of tea – If you are used to reaching for your double espresso filled with 12 pumps of sugar, you are only hurting yourself. Instead, drink a cup of tea. Tea is filled with less caffeine and more nutrients than any other soft drink or sugary coffee beverage which will keep you going for longer and leave you feeling lighter and better overall.

It is important to note that the first few days of eating a Paleo diet, you may feel reduced energy levels as your body gets used to not having the spike in sugars and glucose. But as your sugar levels even out, eating Paleo ingredients over grains, sugars and salts will help you maintain steady glucose levels leaving you to feel healthier and more energetic overall.