Fear is an emotion we do not like to experience. Yet remember, it can also end up becoming the motivating factor to get you to finally take action. You finally decide to “move forward”. When you experience fear, your body and mind respond with a “fight or flight” stance. It has its purpose.
Anxiety can cause you to become paralyzed due to being overwhelmed. Fear… Will limit your choices. This brings a new clarity to your life. You’re forced to choose action. You either move away from something or muster the courage to face it. And when you face it you’re finally able to fight it. So are you afraid?…if so RUN with it. Appreciate what you have. Know that you are more than capable NOW. Let it motivate you. Turn fear into courage. Make it work for you… take charge…you are in control!

What is holding you back? What do you want to take control of today and get past? FEAR- false evidence appearing real…



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