Friday, 02.06.15


We welcome 5 new members to the CFU family!! RyanC, Justin, DanW, Marybeth, and Kary 🙂 When you see them in class, give them a big welcome and help them out!

If you ordered from the PureFit Meals, let me know; I’m planning on picking up the orders about 5pm Sunday then bringing back to the box. I have to have specific names in order to pick up the meals. If you want to try these, the company is giving CFU 25% off first time orders…visit,  order by Tuesday evening and meals are cooked fresh, ready for pickup on Sunday! Check out the site for more information!


7:30am – “Strongman/Strongwoman” Session/WOD – Turf/Oly Lifting area

8:00am – Couch2Fit -main floor

9am – Regular WOD

(NO Barbell Saturday due to the Clinic on Sunday @ 1:30pm)

Noon – Group Run; meet at the Bait Shop @ Binder


Strength:  EMOM 12

 Odd: 6-10 strict HSPU
 Even: 5-8 pistols/leg

5 rounds

200m Run

3 Bear Complex (PC, FS, PP, BS, PP) 95/65

20 Straight Leg Sit-ups

20 DU’s

Rx+1: 135/95

Scales: 4 or 3 rounds

Bonus Work
3×25 DU’s, 3×20 Russian Twists, 3×10 Band pull aparts

Work Hard, Eat Clean, Be Blessed!


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