Friday, 04.11.14

Finally Friday or Friday Already? I’m not sure about you all but these weeks are flying by for me…guess I’m just crazy busy! But going to take some time on Saturday to go cheer on Mike, Amanda, Shawn and Chris in the JCCF Throwdown comp. JCCF is located on Creek Trail Dr behind the Brick House Deli off Edgewood.
Wishing you four ALL the Best!!

A friendly reminder that ALL athletes need to check in for classes, this INCLUDES TRAINERS! I checked in 5 people into the 4:30 class yesterday and 4 today…Belinda is keeping tabs 😉
It’s not hard guys and gals, make it a habit either right when you get to class or via your phone…the mobile app is:
Save it to your home screen; you can check in and post your results for the WOD. This software is provided for you to help you monitor your progress AND help the trainers see what progress you are making. So please, please use it!

Thanks everyone for using the FitAid $ Tracker sheets(located above the fridge). If you’d like to purchase a punchcard (10/$22) just bring a check or cash then keep track on the left sheet otherwise cash athletes will keep track on the right. Thanks for your cooperation. If you haven’t tried the recovery drink, give it a try and take a info card to give you some info about it.

A heads up for the summer…not that far away with the way these weeks are going!
I plan on bringing back the “Beat the Heat” class on T/Th from 6:30-7:30am; we will need to have at least 5 consistent athletes to keep the class. If we need to we could move that class back to 6:15am to allow more time for getting ready for work. Let me know your thoughts!

There will be a CFU summer sports and recreation day camp ongoing throughout the day M-F from 7:30am-5pm in June, July, and the first week of Aug. This camp is for those entering grades 1-6th.
I will have more information posted on the website later this evening or tomorrow but wanted to give the CFU athletes first dibs on “child care” for the summer before the information went public.
There are a few forms on the glass case! Let me know as there will be a 25-kid limit (there will be additional “counselors” on site to help with the games, sports training, field trips and more!)

Shirts for sale! Running low on the small dry fit shirts, have 2-3 left($15). Plenty of cotton left ($10)
I’m going to be working with the screen printer on a woman’s tank and another tshirt…ideas are welcome! I already have a couple of ideas!
There will be a pre-order form put up once the artwork is finished. Be looking for it in the next week or so!

I think that’s it for now…OH! Are you on Facebook????? Have you LIKED CrossFit Unstoppable yet?!? If not, please do so! And if you could, share my page with others so they can see what a great community/Family we have!

Happy Friday!

Work Hard, Eat Clean, Be Blessed!!



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