Friday, 06.12.15


Happy Friday! And a Happy Birthday to Norma! 😉 When you see her, wish her a great one! 

Want to welcome our newest members: KyleP, Brad, George, and next week Marvin, Brandy, and Leah! As always when you see someone knew, introduce yourself! 🙂

Heads up on something that I just became aware of this afternoon…CF Fringe in Como will be having a diaper/formula drive and I’d like for CFU to help out if you are willing…I will take all donated items to Como next Friday. This is what was posted: 

“Last week, my friend Aurora messaged me pretty upset. (Background: She and I both had babies around the same time, effectively turning us into not only spastic first-time parents but part-time confidantes for the other. I highly recommend it.)

She had just spoken with The Food Bank on another project (she is seriously a superhero) and they had mentioned that they were in DIRE need of diapers and formula. Then she dropped the worst sentence on me…

The Food Bank had said that some babies are wearing only ONE diaper a day.

Even if you’re not a parent or have never been around a small child before, you know that’s awful. For me, it’s unthinkable.”

So donate if you can! 

Saturday schedule: 7:30am-Crazy WOD  7:30am-Group run on Edgewood Greenway (3-4 miles)  9am Regular WOD 

CFU Pool Party Friday, June 26th 7:30-9 at Riverside Pool! 

Keep watching for other “Social Gatherings”! 🙂

15min to establish Push Jerk/Split Jerk 1RM (from rack)

10 rounds
10 T2B
10 KB (53/35)
10 DU’s
Scale: 8,6,5 rounds

Cashout: Blvd LOOP


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