Friday, 06.20.14

happy friday

Congrats to Kerri Gates and Peggy Taylor for winning the JumpNRope jump ropes! See Coach if you would like to pick out your color! 🙂

Hope all of you are practicing your DU’s! We will be having a DU challenge in July!!

Just a “friendly” reminder that EVERY athlete needs to check in for the class they attend; I’m hearing a lot of “well I forget” or “I’ll do it later”…if the trainer has to check you in to class, you owe him/her 20 burpees after the WOD; so Trainers, check the attendance on the mobile app to make sure YOUR athletes have checked in! I’m sure an extra set of 20 burpees following the WOD’s this week would definitely SUCK!! Don’t y’all agree?!? So take the extra 30 seconds and Check In!!

I posted about a month ago about having the “Chomps” Grass-fed Beef Sticks at the box; we have regular flavor and jalapeño flavor…1/$2 or 3/$5. See Coach about giving it a try! And talk to the Birthday Girl Sherry on how she likes them!! 🙂

Here’s to a GREAT Friday!

Work Hard, Eat Clean, Be Blessed!


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