Friday, 07.18.14

“Time has a wonderful way of showing us what really matters.”
– Margaret Peters

I’m not sure about you all, but my time here on this earth has been full of ups and downs…but I can tell you this, since I have taken more control of my fitness and health, my life has been more JOYful…I feel more in charge of my life because I am making better choices for me…I am making more time for my happiness (yes, I do take some downtime though it seems I live at the box 😉 )…my whole outlook on life has done a 180 since 2009. I look back at the steps that I’ve taken to get where I am today and I’m Amazed at God’s Grace.
I do what I do to help others; in turn this helps me make me arrive at my level of happiness…some days aren’t as happy as others, but there are way more happy days than not. I was reminded today(thank you 🙂 ) that I need to take it easy…maybe just a little easy; not sure I’d know what I’d do with myself if it were easy! Because you know the saying…If you want easy… 🙂
I’m babbling…not sure why; I guess my point is, take time on what really matters…to me it’s God, family, my health, and All of you at CFU!
Keep being Amazing!!

Work Hard, Eat Clean, Be BLESSED!



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