Friday, 08.24.2018

Work Hard. Eat Clean. Be Blessed!


EMOM for 8 Mins: 1 Snatch Pull + 1 Hang Squat Snatch working up to AHAP
-1 Min Rest-
EMOM for 10 Mins: 1 Squat Snatch working up to AHAP

Death by Alt. DB Snatch (50/35), but start every minute with 5 Burpee Box Jump Overs (24/20)
*So first minute 5 BBJO and 1 DB Snatch, 2nd Minute 5 BBJO and 2 DB Snatch, 3rd Minute 5 BBJO and 3 DB Snatch, 4th Minute 5 BBJO and 4 DB Snatch Etc. until you don’t finish the amount of DB Snatch for that minute.

18min AMRAP
2x100m Run
15 KB 53/35
10 Reverse Crunches
5 Burpees


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