Friday, 11.15.13

friday cat“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” ~Helen Keller

I love how this little quote relates to CrossFit…a lot of people do not know what the TRUE meaning of CF is…many think it’s just a bunch of crazy people doing crazy exercises…well, maybe that is half true, but the key is we are having FUN being Crazy AND we get RESULTS! I would be willing to bet that aside from getting the great results from attending regularly ( 😉 ), most people would say that the community and family feel is what keeps them coming back. You don’t get this in your “typical” gym; at least I didn’t when I attended the Y several years ago and then there was the “work out on your own and try to motivate yourself” days…worked for awhile, but it just isn’t the same knowing that the person beside you during the WOD is probably feeling the same hurt you are. There’s something about going at a WOD,  TOGETHER that makes CrossFit worthwhile. I’m glad that you all chose CFU! It wouldn’t be the same without you!! TOGETHER, We Are STRONG!!

Now about the WOD for Friday…don’t get worried and think, “That Coach is CrAzY! We have to do all of those??” Well, I admit that I AM crazy at times (shush!), but Friday’s WOD is Athlete’s Choice…We will do the strength and then YOU will decide which “Girl” you’ll do…So many choices! BUT, I will have a little surprise at the box on Friday in case you want a little cRaZy twist to things 🙂 Hope to see LOTS of you there!! 🙂

Work Hard, Eat Clean, Be Blessed!!


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