Friday, 8.29.14

Happy Friday!!
Remember that Sunday is the last day to get in on the Early Bird discount for the CFU WODFest! If you are competing(and I’ve heard quite a few of you are!), then please go to CFU WODFest

ACH payments should go through on the first business day of the month; I will let you know if there are any problems.

Labor Day we will have two classes; 6:30am and 9am! Hope to see a lot of you there before your end of summer BBQ’s! 🙂


Strength: Power Snatch 5×3 High Hang, Hang, Floor (start at 65%)


30 Clean & Jerks (if never done) or

Double Grace

60 Clean & Jerks (if have Grace time) 135/95

Have a great Friday!

Work Hard, Eat Clean, Be Blessed!



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