Is It Safe to Workout When Injured?

Food for Thought…

In the past couple of months I have seen a few athletes continue to workout even though they are injured… Smart choice? Well, it depends on a few factors…1. did you tell your trainer what is going on? 2. how serious is the injury? 3. are you able to modify the workout around the injury?

All of these are questions you should ask yourself otherwise you will end up losing out on working out period! Below is an article from CrossFit Lisbeth where she shares her views…Bottom line-tell the trainer what is going on, listen to your body, and always look for modifications for movements until the injury gets better!

by Lisbeth on April 6, 2015

questionStaying active is important, but working out while injured does not automatically make you a better athlete. It’s okay to rest and heal.

Sometimes, you’re being smart by staying active and doing what you can while you heal. But sometimes, working out while injured is like trying to steer the car after you’ve already driven off the road and flipped it. Or worse. It’s like trying to drive your car into the same ditch twice.

Seriously. I see posts by recreational athletes boasting that they are working out while injured. The mom in me wants to hug them, sit them down, and ask, “Is this really smart? Can I get you something to eat?” The coach in me wants to take them out of the gym and say, “Can we talk about this? Pain is not weakness leaving your body. Sometimes, pain is your body telling you that something needs attention.”

Now, I’m not saying that an injury is your ticket to SitOnYourAssVille. I do think that there are safe and effective ways to try to maintain your fitness (and not lose your mind) while you are injured. And sometimes that workout is effective rehab. But sometimes it’s your ego talking.

You’re not tougher than anybody else just because you did a workout. And you’re not tougher than anybody else because you did a workout while injured. The one-upmanship of the fitness world is sometimes not so healthy. Consider your own situation and do what’s smart for you. Take care of yourself and think about what you’re doing.



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