“It’s That Time Again…”

This is a post from my very dear friend, Michelle, who by the way got me started with this craziness of CrossFit!

I’m really tired of people making excuses…what are your goals, how do you want to look by the end of 2013?? There’s only 2 months and 8 days left…what are YOU going to FO to help YOU?!?
I want to help…help me help you! 😉

“What time? It’s the bear syndrome time! People start sleeping in instead of keeping up their morning routine of going to the gym.

It’s feed the bear time as well. I see it every year, the big sweaters come out and the treats start showing up in the break-room. Be it Halloween, Football Friday, or the holidays the food starts coming out en masse and all good intentions go straight to the bottom of the priority list.

What can you do to keep yourself on track during the colder months of the year?

Remind yourself of your goals. Make post it notes to remind yourself of why you don’t need to hit the break-room every time a load of junk shows up.

Be very selective of your picking and choosing. Have a treat, just don’t have a treat every day or two or three times a day at that.

Bring something healthy to snack, yes, be that girl or guy, you know, the one everyone KNOWS will bring something healthy. For me, I always try to be the one bringing the protein. That way at least I know there will be something for me to munch on. Yep I’m selfish like that.

And lastly, keep yourself moving. Don’t let the cold weather become your excuse to derail your efforts.”



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