January Athletes of the Month!

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Edith Verslues

Edith’s granddaughter was on one of my volleyball teams (KimMcD’s daughter 🙂 ) and I had held a Body for Life meeting at my school after having much success on the program…Edith was encouraged to contact me and we met at my house to go over the “Plan”…little did Edith know what “Belinda’s Plan” was 😉 I do remember having her use my “little weights”-3# dumbbells for some of the lifts…Crazy now how she can lift a house! 😉 I’m very proud of Edith and how far she has come; she doesn’t let injuries get her down and she is a motivational force for the D&E crew and for me because when I grow up, I’m gonna be like Edith! 🙂

I am Edith Verslues.  I am 58 years old and have been training with CFU/Mid MO Fitness since May of 2011.  I am married to Dennis.  Together we own Verslues Construction Co., Inc.  We have 5 children.  Denise Lehmen (Brad), Melissa Rackers(Brad), Kim McDaniel (TJ), Frank Verslues (Karen) and Brad (deceased).  We have 12 grandchildren.  We enjoy spending time with our family.  My hobbies includes golf, gardening, quilting & of course Crossfit!

I love Crossfit and I love feeling strong both in mind and body.  I was never an athlete and I didn’t have much self-confidence.   CFU has changed that, it has made me more outgoing and confident.  I have made so many new friends through CFU.  I consider CFU a part of my family!

Thank you Coach and Trainers for recognizing me as an Athlete of the Month.



Mike has been a BIG part of our CFU family! Mike started over at the “baby box” with his family when he asked if I would do a “family boot camp” for his wife, daughters and himself. While this worked for awhile, I knew that Mike wanted a little more so he decided to take the CF101 classes to get into the regular CF classes. It wasn’t long before Mike started transforming and making a difference in his life and to the people around him. He is pretty much a permanent fixture with the D&E crew and is known to get his “powers” from his Atomic Pond Water and his “goods” 😉 Mike is a joy to be around and I’m happy that he’s a part of the CFU fam 🙂

Mike Knaebel – 1962 Model 🙂

Wife- Lori Knaebel of 27 years

Children – Mikayla 20, Morgan 17

Employment- Manufacturers Rep @ Kuhlmann Supply Company

Favorite Movement- Pull-Ups, Deadlifts, Mobility and walking around talking!!

Least Favorite Movement- Everything else not mentioned above

How long I’ve been cross fitting- Jan 2012

What I like most about CFU, I work from home so this is my daily outing not only does CF help me physically but I need the people contact for the mental game!! Love the people & trainers!! Not sure if they like me with my!!! (I pay for this attitude) but I do it anyway because they know what I need better than I do!! I like the tech WODS as it breaks the week up for me with cardio and non-weight lifting, its more of a rest day for me!!!

Finally, I love getting to push myself to my limits every day, seeing improvements like Over Head Squats. 30 DU unbroken & 405 on the DL this year, just when I think I have hit my peak I find a new PR!!!


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