Geared towards those who are 50+, the Masters class focuses on mobility, strength and balance. Participants are led through stretching, mobility, and strength exercises followed by a low intense workout. All exercises can be modified according to the athletes abilities and limitations. Classes meet twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11:30am-Noon

Testimony from my mother-in-law! (74 yrs young!) After a recent trip to Croatia this is what she sent upon her return…

“We go everywhere on a big bus that is ON TIME all the time. When they say be here at 2 oclock, they mean 2 oclock not 2 or 3 minutes after. Yesterday Carolyn left her coat with her cell phone in it at the place we had pizza. She remembered just as the bus was getting ready to go. She has bad knees and can not move fast. The tour guide said she would have to get on the other bus leaving in ten minutes and she would be in big trouble. She pleaded with me to go get it for her. I told the tour guide the pizza place was just around the corner about 400m away and I was going after it for her. She said go ahead but if we are gone you have to ride the other bus. I did my best Crossfit ever and did a WOD where I ran back with the coat. I made the bus and didnt have to ride the second bus. Three minutes to go like from Crossfit to the car wash and back. Today we went up and down in a cave which was a one mile walk after we got off the tram. It was one mile inside the cave,…Up steep inclines and Down steep pathways. I dont want any more flack about doing step ups because today we went to see a castle which had 57 steps and about 200m of pathway in between. Another Crossfit couple called Crossfit Connections was in the cave also. They were a young couple about in their late twenties. Thanks for getting me in shape or I never could have done what I did.” Mom Rohslan

From Ken Wilks:


I have been attending the Masters’ Class at CFU for about five months now.  I wasn’t sure how it would be when I first started as I have not always had the greatest luck in starting and continuing with exercise programs.  I have made a number of attempts over the years in joining fitness places such as the YMCA and have also utilized personal fitness trainers for a couple of months.  My biggest challenges were getting motivated to do exercises at home alone and to go to a gym and do them there.  I was bored.  And it is very hard for me to motivate myself to do something when I find it boring – even if it something that is good for me.

I am motivated to come to CFU Masters’ classes because I know it won’t be the same exercises each time and I won’t be bored.  I feel that I am getting a good mixture of strength training and cardiovascular exercises and I find it encouraging that I am feeling stronger and more fit.  Also, it helps tremendously to have you there to guide me in performing the exercises correctly and to provide good motivation.  Having others in the same class doing the same exercises also makes it more enjoyable because it provides socialization and makes it more fun.  Unlike the other places I would go to exercise, I actually look forward to coming to CFU each time.

I look forward to continuing my exercise regimen at CFU.  I’ve been walking in 5K races for about four years, maybe down the road I can run in some.