Meet the Endurance Trainer-Jen Nicklas


Name: Jen Nicklas

Spouse: Brandon Nicklas

Kids/Ages: Noah-13, Eli-10

Profession: Speech-Language Pathologist

Month/Year Started CFU: March 2012

Month/Year became Endurance Trainer: November 2012

Favorite part of being a Trainer: Cliche as it may sound, my favorite part of being an Endurance/Running trainer is making a difference. My goal is to not only help novice and experienced runners but also of those who fall in between.  I want to help the individual who never considered themself a runner to experience that running isn’t just about being fast or running for a long distance. For the faster runner, I want to make a difference in helping them to become more efficient on their runs; becoming even faster.  Learning to love to run is different for all of us; my desire is to help you to find joy in running.  If in some way, I can help someone to meet, or even exceed their expectations of what their running goals are to them, (even if it’s just to start running), then, I know I’ve made a difference.  It’s all about being better than yesterday…and that looks different for all of us. 

Favorite movements: Burpees, Pull-ups and Power Cleans

Favorite Food: Pineapple Pizza

Hobbies: watching my boys play baseball, taking photographs, running & of course, CrossFit



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