Meet the Trainers at CFU!

Haley Sullivan

Spouse: Ryan

Kids: Paisley and Sage

Profession: Environmental Specialist 

Month/Year Started at CFU: 12/2017

Month/Year Became Trainer: 7/2018

Favorite Part of Being a Trainer: making friendships with the other coaches and athletes; being able to see people improve over time

Favorite Movements: thrusters, clean & jerk, double unders

Favorite Food: pizza, sushi, mexican, hotdogs, ice cream, fruit, veggies

Hobbies: Raising Sage, binge watching Netflix, hiking, traveling, walking my dogs

Haley has been with CFU for nearly 3 years now and she is always doing amazing things, like a sub 3min Fran time! Haley also coaches the synchronized skate team for strength and conditioning as well as leads some of our foundations classes. Haley sets a great example as an athlete and we are lucky to have her at CFU! Thanks Haley! 😊


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