Monday, 04.14.14


A big CONGRATS to Amanda, MikeB, Shawn, and Chris Wilson for placing HIGH in their divisions at the Capital City Throwdown Saturday…Amanda-1st, Mike-2nd, and Shawn-4th in the Scaled division, and Chris-2nd in Rx

It was awesome to watch these four give it their all on Saturday!! I want to form a competition, but it will be a Team throwdown…Is anyone willing to help me plan this?? If so let me know, because I most definitely cannot do this without some help. Have been wanting to do something like this ever since we moved to our current location, but the timing has been off… Please let me know if you can help in any way and then we can have a brainstorming session! 🙂 Thanks in advance!

Shirts for Sale… $10-cotton, $15 Dry-fit; let me know if you would like one…..Speaking of shirts, there will be a new style coming soon…look for a pre-sale post coming up this week…

A friendly reminder to everyone that you should be checking in to class EVERY day!!

Heads up for Easter Sunday…We will be CLOSED! The weather is supposed to be nice so get out there with your family and play a game, walk/bike/hike, and enjoy the many BLESSINGS our Risen Savior has provided to you!


high hang squat snatch

5 rounds of: high hang squat snatch

high hang squat snatch, bent over barbell row

[advanced] 7 rounds of: high hang squat snatch [work up to heavy single] 6-6-6 reps of: bent over barbell row


9-15-21 reps of: sit-up (standard) deadlift at 225/135 lb 100 m run [then] 21-15-9 reps of: kettlebell swing (russian) at 53/35 lb *mountain climber planks* 20 reps of double under

WOD Notes

Did you check in to class?? Are you going to BRING IT TODAY?? Do your best with what you have…No Excuses!! 🙂 Remember you GET TO DO THIS!!

Work Hard, Eat Clean, Be Blessed!


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