Monday, 04.20.15



April is getting away from us! Another week, another chance to Get Better! 

I would like to bring something to everyone’s attention that myself and the other trainers have noticed in the last couple of weeks…

We have noticed some athletes not performing all of their reps in order to finish faster…now this may just be a counting problem or a “WOD impaired” problem, but when in doubt on your numbers, do extra as you are only cheating yourself when not doing the proper number of reps. It is also not fair to those who are busting their rears getting the reps right.

Another issue we are seeing is athletes not reaching full depth on lifts/movements. There are a few athletes who have some injuries/mobility issues but if this isn’t you then there should be no excuse to modify the movement and only go “half-@$$”. The trainers and I are here to make you better so please don’t take it wrong if they correct your form. Sometimes (well a lot of times) out minds tell our bodies that it’s too tired to go full range of motion and we slack off. Will it take you longer to do the workout? Probably so, but your body will get stronger with every rep you do correctly!

Last thing…when noting scores for the board, only write Rx if you did full weight/full range of motion; otherwise write the weight used.

I hope you understand our concerns…we only want what’s best for ALL of the athletes! 

This week on Tuesday @ 5:30pm, Jen Nicklas will be conducting a TEC WOD/running clinic so if you can make it, please do so to take advantage of the extra tips!

Don’t forget!! Our “Baby Showers/WOD” on Sunday, May 3rd at 4:30pm! 🙂


Strength: OHS 3×5 @70,80,75%

 Partner WOD

-50 Pullups while partner holds barbell (135/95)

-75 wallballs (20/14) while partner holds plank

-100 squats while partner holds bumper plates (45/25)

-125 abmat sit-ups while partner does jumping jacks

-1500m row (every 2min – 10 burpees each)

*reps may be split up in any way

Keep doing great things CFU athletes! Your hard work is paying off! 

Work Hard, Eat Clean, Be Blessed! 


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