Monday, 06.29.15

Time to see how far you have come since November of 2014! Or for the newer members, just how STRONG and CAPABLE you really are!! 🙂 Time to lift heavy folks!

Once you get your 1RM’s, enter them into the SugarWOD app and for those lifts, your %’s are already figured out for you! Let’s beat some PR’s on Monday!! 

Note on the 6:25am class; this will be an hour long class unless you finish early. If you need to leave, you could save one of the lifts for the Wednesday class.

A few of us met for the WODFest Sunday afternoon and things are starting to come together, but we need volunteers to help make this a success! Please look on the “bacon board” this week on where you could help and if you know particular businesses that would help sponsor our event. Thank you in advance for your help in making the 2015 CFU WODFest Better Than Last Year! 🙂

CrossFit Total
Athletes will get 3 attempts to establish 1RM on the following lifts:
Back Squat
Total weight is score; individual 1RM’s and Total are to be written on the whiteboard


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