Monday, 08.11.14

Huge shout out to our very own Reese Thompson who has been participating in the FINA Masters Swimming World Championships in Montreal…

Here are his accomplishments:

Top 15 in 3 events:
400m freestyle (12th)
800m freestyle (15th)
3000m Open Water Swim (15th)

Top 25 in two more:
200m Individual Medley (21st)
200m freestyle (23rd)

Honorable Mention:
100m freestyle (26th)
I’m really not a sprinter!

Personal Best 400m free by 5+ sec. And two more Missouri Valley Masters Swimming records.

It has been a pleasure watching Reese succeed in CrossFit and his primary sport AND to see the passion he has for both!
On a different note…I know many of you parents are gearing up for your child’s school year or as teachers are getting ready for the new school year. Just want to remind you to NOT put yourself on the back burner—1 hr is 4% of your day! Don’t you think you deserve 4% for yourself?!?

Think of all the benefits just an hour at the box does for you…many say it’s the only hour of the day that they get to forget about everything else going on in their lives…many attribute CF as being their stress reliever—what happens when you hold on to that stress?? It builds up and eventually you take it out on others OR you “stress eat”…when/if this happens, you get back into that vicious cycle 🙁 That’s not a place where I wish anyone to be—I have been there before and it was always hard to get past that abyss…

Remember where you started and where you want to go—those two things are the key to keeping you on the right path! To me, CrossFit = My Sanity 🙂

Happy Monday, Friends!

Work Hard, Eat Clean, Be Blessed!



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