Monday, 10.7.13

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“If we could give every individual the right amount of nourishment and exercise, not too little and not too much, we would have found the safest way to health.”~Hippocrates

For thousands of years, scientists and medical experts have been looking for the perfect balance between diet and exercise for optimum health. What seems to come up time and again as far as exercise is concerned is consistency.

The jogger who is out there year round, stomping through puddles and bearing up under heat and cold, or the person who works out at the gym several times a week, is infinitely better off than the person who dusts off their equipment at the start of the season, only to store it away again when the conditions become unfavorable and not do anything until next season.

It’s not necessary to be obsessive about working out, just conscientious. If the weather turns and our regular softball league ends, we should look for another activity to fill our time and get our bodies moving. Exercise shouldn’t be for the weekends or summer months only. It should be a year-round and important part of our schedules.

*Today I’ll think ahead to the next few months and plan workouts that I can do during inclement weather, shorter daylight hours, or a busier schedule.*

This little post comes at an opportune time as we have ended the nutrition challenge…Does this mean that we totally forget what we learned about how our body processes the good/bad/ugly? Shouldn’t, but I know there are some who get off track and then say “Screw It” and totally give up instead of isolating that instance and getting back on track. You are better than that and you have to tell yourself that you want it bad enough to stay in the game.

**Nutrition Challenge “Biggest Losers”… In 30 days, these four lost a total of 39# and 18 3/4 inches!! Very proud of you all! Gary Gates, Amy Wulff, Elena Jobe, and Andy Cleeton! We had a total of 29 participants come and get measured in allotted time frame (I have your towels at the box!) and WE LOST 156# and 104″!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep on track…you KNOW what to do, you just gotta do it!! ๐Ÿ™‚

Same thing with the working out…as the reading states above, there are some who don’t let ANYTHING get in the way of their working out…I know it’s hard with families, the kids activities, work, meetings, etc…but don’t you feel BETTER after working out? Isn’t it worth getting to the box to get that feeling??

Was at the competition on Saturday and saw a LOT of fit people and what they did with their time at the box paid off. Maybe think about getting one more workout in per week, or staying for 5 minutes longer to work on the doubleunders or row an extra 1000m (equal to about 55 calories by the way ๐Ÿ™‚ ) Isn’t your health and well being worth it?? I want you to be the BEST you possibly can be, but if you aren’t at the box, then you can’t be helped!!

This week’s WOD’s are going to be a little “mixed up”…It’s an “Either/Or” week…I came up with my regular “Belinda Programming” and also went to the mainsite for their WOD’s…so you will get the choice. The WOD’s will be posted at the box, not on WODTogether OR the blog…just the strength will be posted for scores. This pretty much sums up what CrossFit is all about…preparing you for anything! Therefore, be ready for ANYTHING! You may need long socks (always keep a pr in your bag/car), you may need your rope, you may need a sweatshirt or long pants if we run outside (have running shoes on hand)…but you WILL have the choice. I’m sure everyone will be looking forward to this little challenge. I’m interested in seeing the numbers this week… ๐Ÿ˜‰

Let’s have an AWESOME week!

Work Hard, Eat Clean, Be Blessed!!


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