Monday, 11.10.14

Athletes will be doing something a little bit different starting on Monday…you will be recording your strength numbers as well as your WOD score on the board. This will give the coaches a better idea on where you are with your strength gains and in turn will be better equipped on helping you get stronger; with this we are asking that you record your weights/scores in some type of log book in order to see your gains.

Also new to the “Board” is that we will have a “Shout Out” board where you can give kudos to an athlete/coach in your class who you think needs that “pat on the back”…CrossFit is hard and you’re doing it! Keep up the great work! 🙂

Back Squat…
15min to build to a 3 Rep Max
Then drop 30lbs and perform ME back squat at dropped weight

6 Med ball Cleans 20/14
24 Double-unders(3x singles)
6 Wallball Situps 20/14

Bonus Work
3×15 Reverse crunches
3×15 Russian Twists
3×15 Hollow Rocks


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