October Athletes of the Month!

Sorry so late on this…been a little pre-occupied with tons of stuff 🙂 …so without further adieu, here are CrossFit Unstoppable’s Athletes of the Month!

Congrats guys and gals! 🙂

Amanda Keilholz
Age: 31
Spouse: Gabriel
Employment: Capital Region Medical Center
How Long: June 2012

What I love most? 5:15 D&E; nothing gets your day started like a 5:15 WOD. This among many other things. I love the support that you receive from everyone, I love pushing myself to the breaking point, I have built so much strength, not only physically but mentally and emotionally. Crossfit has challenged me and gotten me completely out of my comfort zone, trying things that I probably wouldn’t have in the past and getting results I didn’t know that I had in me. This is not just a workout for me, it has become my hobby. Oh…and there is crying in Crossfit 🙂

Aaron Washburn aka Priscilla

Age – 37

Wife -Lisa

Kids – Lucy and Frank Miller

Work – DentaQuest

How Long – I attended 101 in May of 2012.

What I like best – I have enjoyed becoming part of a community and watching impossible things become possible.

Shawn Brice
I am 46 years old and started CrossFit in April of 2012.

I am single and have a great kid named Garrett who you will see in here working hard and trying not to get too embarrassed by his dad wearing a pink tutu. Seriously, CrossFit has done so much for him and his confidence!!

I work for the University of Missouri Kansas City as a contract employee with the Department of Social Services.

I have been accused of living at the gym cause I am there so much, but CrossFit is more than just working out and I enjoy the people as much as anything. CrossFit can be very humbling, but I always try to give it
my all. You get out only what you put in. Thanks to all those people who yell and encourage it makes a difference during those workouts!!

Nicole Benne

Swolemate: Chris Wilson

Fur Child: Molly (adopted fur child- Zeus)

Occupation: C&S Business Services: Payroll Clerk, Sales and Marketing, or anything else the boss (aka my mother) asks for.

CFU Start Date: September 2012

What I love most about CFU:

I could go on for days about ‘what I love about CrossFit’. First of all I love the family and friends I have gained here at CFU. There is something wonderful about seeing this wide variety of people who are here for all different reasons, pushing themselves to their limits, laying breathless in a puddle of sweat, celebrating PR’s, failing and trying again, cheering each other on and reaching new heights and goals TOGETHER every day. I love these people. And not to get sappy but I am so thankful that I walked into CFU doors 2 years ago because I would not have met 2 very important people in my life, my best friend and my boyfriend 🙂 Plus a big thanks to ALL the trainers, It’s you guys who make the first impression on newbies and keep them coming back. Thanks for the encouragement, yelling, teaching and just your general enthusiasm for CF. CFU has become my happy place!

The most important thing CrossFit has done for me was change my negative body image. I would spend hours running, working on some funky machine and occasionally lifting some weights, I was a ‘cardio bunny’. I had my mind set that lower body weight=lower pants size= eating less=little legs=happiness. I would focus on my weight and size to dictate how ‘attractive’ I was or how good I felt about myself. Crossfit and the community changed all that. Now if you ask me what my pant size is I’ll usually say ‘whatever fits’ or ‘umm yoga pants’. (literally as I’m writing this I noticed a hole in the crotch of my jeans.. time for a bigger pair!) But none of this matters anymore. I am strong, healthy and happier than ever! I love seeing the young women who come in here and see that it’s not about size or weight, it’s about feeling comfortable in your own skin and pushing yourself to be better. Health and strength come in all shapes and sizes.

“No thigh gap means I’m one step closer to becoming a mermaid, operation build a booty, Lift heavy sh*t, no more body shaming”



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