CrossFit Unstoppable offers group classes along with a variety of specialty programs. All of our programs maintain the core tenets of constantly varied, functional movements performed with an appropriate intensity to match the trainees ability level. Workouts vary from day to day and are designed to provide a broad base of general physical preparedness. Athletes are expected to log their progress so that they can track their growth and progression on the path to health and fitness.

Group WOD

Our Workout of the Day (WOD) is designed for universal scalability where EVERYONE can participate at an intensity level appropriate for the trainees ability level. Classes do the same workout all day long and then will look forward to something new and challenging the next day. Workouts are programmed around the use of weights, gymnastics movements, and cardiovascular activities. Athletes who participate have the “Better Than Yesterday” mentality and their attitudes and bodies show it!

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CFU Masters

Geared towards those who are 50+, the Masters class focuses on mobility, strength and balance. Participants are led through stretching, mobility, and strength exercises followed by a low intensity workout. All exercises can be modified according to the athletes abilities and limitations. Classes meet twice a week either in the morning or evening on Tuesdays/Thursdays for 30 minutes.

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