Saturday. 01.04.14

What a Great day for PR’s on the Deadlift! Way to push everyone!!! Now if we can learn how to breathe properly without getting dizzy… 🙂

Gonna keep this short…just got home and about to go gadget free and watch Mizzou!

Remember the Nutrition meeting Saturday morning at 10am…measurements need to be taken and the $10 buy in needs to be paid. JZ, Norma and Peggy will take care of you if I can’t get to you Saturday. The nutrition challenge begins on MONDAY…regardless of the weather so you better do your shopping on Saturday so you can cook on Sunday when we are snowed in (I know you don’t want to hear that, but…)

Speaking of weather, watch the website for the canceling of class on Sunday if we need to. I will make the post by 2pm.

JrKidsFit begins MONDAY at 5:30pm; it will run on MWF from 5:30-6:15pm. There are still a couple of spots for kids in grades 6-8.

CrossFit Kids begins on Tuesday (3:30-4:15) and will also run on SATURDAYS from 10-10:45am. There are spots available for your child grade PreK-5th grade.

Check the website under “Programs” for more information!

Would like to steer you to my other website, as it will give you the options for the “rest of the gym” if you are interested.

Stay safe this weekend!!

Work Hard, Eat Clean, Be Blessed!!



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