Saturday, 02.07.15


Saturday Schedule:

7:30am…CFU is pleased to announce that the first Saturday of the month will be dedicated to “Strongman/Strongwoman 😉 ” activities/events…Expect yoke carries, sled pushes and pulls, sandbag/odd object carries, and in the near future, atlas stones! Come and give it a try…You might like it! 🙂 The other Saturdays will have the CRAZY WOD’s (unless posted otherwise)


9am-Regular WOD

10am-NO Barbell due to the Barbell Clinic on Sunday afternoon at 1:30pm…Come and improve on your technique!

Noon-Group run – Meet at the Binder Lake Bait shop (NOT Merten’s at Apache Flats!) This will be a 4-5-6-7 mile run 🙂

W/Partner-one working at a time
Power Clean 135/95
Box Jumps 24/20
Ring Dips/Box Dips
**After each set, both do 7 Burpees

Happy Weekend!

Work Hard, Eat Clean, Be Blessed!


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