Saturday, 05.30.15

Crazy WOD at 7:30am, Regular WOD at 9am! See you there!!

OH! There are a couple of people who are going to be doing “Murph” at 9am if you would like to join in! 

With a Partner… (courtesy of Karhu Strength)
50 cal Row/Front Rack Hold (115/85) AHAP if can’t do Rx
50 T2B/Overhead Hold (115/85)
60 Burpees to Plate 2-45’s, 2-25’s/Bar Hang
60 Deadlifts (205/135)/Plank hold
*Break the reps up however you’d like but partner must be in the “hold” position before the reps count.
Scales: 40/50, 30/40, 25/30 reps


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