Saturday, 12.13.14

Awesome work this week everyone! Way to get to the box and work on your Better Than Yesterday!

Some of you may have heard that there is a competition that some of us are attending Saturday. It’s the Tag Team Throwdown in O’Fallon(St. Louis). Teams are Chris White and Mike Bax, Chris Wilson and Seth Wigle and Stacey Bates and myself. Please say a little prayer for our safe travel and participation! 🙂
You can check for score updates on the Tag Team Throwdown Facebook page or the CFU Members page.

Just a reminder that the CFU Christmas Party is Next Saturday, Dec. 20th at 6:30pm. Brink a snack and BYOB…plan on some volleyball action in there as well as our “Dirty Santa/Chinese Christmas” exchange if you want to participate. Bring an “alcohol” gift to the box that evening.
Hope you all can attend!

Stay tuned on Monday’s blog for a LIMITED TIME special offer for CFU members!

Have a great weekend!

30 Situps THEN
3 rounds of
10 Barbell rollouts(think “ab roller”)
10 Pullups
10 Wallballs 20/16
15 KB 53/35
15 Box Jumps 24/20
15 Walking Lunges
Finish with 30 DU’s (90 singles)



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