Saturday, 12.7.13

Today’s WOD is to honor those fallen at Pearl Harbor. The workout is actually a 19:41 min AMRAP; WT wouldn’t “let” me put that number in there.

Please remember that we GET TO do every WOD and some can’t….

Friday WODer’s, how did you like the FitAid? Let me know if you notice a difference on your recovery; you all did a LOT of work and this is a chance to “test” what a recovery drink can do for you…

Open Gym from 10-11, CFU Barbell at 10am…take advantage of this extra time to work on your weaknesses!

Everyone has Sat. December 21st on their calendars for our Christmas party, right?!? Don’t miss out!! 🙂

Please add your touch to our CFU Christmas tree! Bring an ornament to hang this next week!

Something in the nearer future, Parents Night Out next Friday, the 13th. $10 per child, let Coach know by the 12th if you’re interested!

Have a great weekend!

Work Hard, Eat Clean, Be Blessed!



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