September Athletes of the Month!

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CONGRATS to CFU’s Athletes of the Month!! I have to tell you, I am amazed at the write-ups that everyone has sent back…sometimes we just don’t realize how much of an impact we all make on one another. Whether it be athlete to athlete or trainer to athlete we are ALL making a difference by doing one thing in common…walking through CFU’s doors! Everyone keep up the great work and keep striving to be BETTER THAN YESTERDAY! Now read about these five awesome people! 🙂
Melissa May
Age:  36
Partner in crime:  Troy May
Children:  Gunner (21 mos)
Occupation:  Environmental Programs Coordinator, MO Dept. of Agriculture
CFU Start Date:  August 2014

What I love most about CFU?

I have been called a lot of things in my life, but an athlete ain’t one of em!  So this is awesome, thank you Coaches.  Hands down, the thing I love most about CFU is the support system.  I am continually amazed by the amount of support that each person gives to both newbies like myself and the other seasoned crossfitters.  The fact that I look forward to something everyday that I know is going to kick my a$$ is just crazy.  I’m convinced the Kool-Aid is spiked because I can’t get enough!

Kyle Seabaugh

Age: 27

Spouse:  Carrie

Children:  Mallory (21 months), Carson (2 months)

Occupation:  Trooper, Missouri State Highway Patrol

CFU Start date:  April 2014

Favorite Movements:  I like everything (even if they suck-i.e.-thrusters) because it is all done with the purpose to make you better.

What I like most about CFU:  I like CFU because it drives home fitness and family.  I also like CFU because of the environment and the constant theme of pushing yourself to be better.   To me, there is nothing better than looking at a workout you know is going to absolutely suck, then doing it.  It makes me not only physically stronger but mentally stronger as well.  I think I like the mental toughness you receive almost as much as the physical rewards (or pain) you get.

When I started CrossFit  in April 2014, I was in horrible shape, over-weight, and had a pretty bad lifestyle.  In other words, I was fat, lazy, and not motivated.  In the short five months I have been doing crossfit, I can’t explain everything it has done for me.  I am now able to do things I haven’t done or been able to do in a long time.  I have more energy now than I have ever had before, and I look forward to going to workout every day I can.  My only regret is I did not start CrossFit sooner.

Christine Lesicko

 28 years old.
I work for the Missouri Department of Labor, and I’ve lived in Jefferson City for almost two years. I first started CrossFitting in January 2014.
The thing I love most about CFU and CrossFit in general is the attitude and perspective adjustment it has caused me. Before CrossFit, I was one of those women who lifted 7.5# dumbbells and did the elliptical for an hour every day. When I started at CFU, I could barely even lift the 45# bar off the ground. Now, I am working towards getting triple-digit weights over my head. I’m happy building muscle and being strong, and I love working to get better at it. (Thanks, trainers, for pushing me to go heavier when you know I can.)
In addition, CFU has allowed me to meet and connect with people I probably never would have met outside of the box. I love that people of different ages with different jobs and family situations can come together and work hard and encourage each other with no judgment. It sucks to struggle in a WOD, but it is awesome when fellow WOD-ers are right by your side pushing you through those final reps. I never thought I’d be proud of calloused hands, shin scrapes, and bruises on my collar bones, but CFU has made that happen. I am very grateful that I contacted Coach back in January and started my journey at CFU.
P.S. Yes, I do love donuts. But, contrary to popular belief, I don’t eat them all the time. Usually no more than once or twice per week. 😉
Nick Humphrey aka “Legs”
Age:  44
Spouse:  Hannah (18 yrs)
Children:  Ada (10) & Max (8)
Occupation:  Law Enforcement Officer with the Missouri Department of Revenue
Position: Director of Criminal Investigations
How Long at Cross Fit:  5 months
What I Love Most About Cross Fit:
One of the neat things that I have discovered about CrossFit is not what it is, but what it is not.  CrossFit is not all things to all people.  To one person it may be a way to lose weight, to someone else a way to get bigger, another person may want to get stronger or faster, another person may want to increase stamina and some may just want to do it to live healthier.  To some, the social aspect of CrossFit is just as important as the athletics.  It seems pretty unique that an activity can fulfill so many needs, physical, social and psychological, to so many people at the same time, with each person being able to decide exactly what effect they want CrossFit to have on their lives.
My favorite things about CrossFit are the structure and the camaraderie.  I like the structure because I am lazy when it comes to planning.  With CrossFit, I know what time I need to show up, and when I show up, there will be a workout there on the board waiting for me.  It’s easy, and since I am a lazy planner, easy is good.  Easy means I fall into a routine, and a routine equals consistency, which equals results.  The camaraderie is also important for results.  There have been numerous scientific studies showing that experiencing intense/stressful situations with others forms personal bonds and friendships (and who could argue that a WOD isn’t intense?! ).  I am motivated to get out of bed at 4:30 a.m. every morning not just to workout, but to be there with my comrades in the “dark & early” gang.  Thank you all for your friendship and motivation!
I am on my third paragraph and I haven’t answered Debbie’s question, “What do I love most about CrossFit?”.  I knew the answer to the question the instant I read it.  The thing that has meant the most to me in CrossFit is the trainers.  Every trainer has been amazing.  They all seem to strike the perfect balance between teaching, listening, coaching, pushing, reassuring and understanding each person’s limits.  It doesn’t matter whether a trainer is working with me, someone brand new or one of the experienced athletes, they always give the same level of genuine interest and attention to detail.  If I had to pick one word to describe the trainers; it would be PROFESSIONALISM.  I believe that without their great work, I would have drifted away from CrossFit months ago.  To me, the trainers are CrossFit Unstoppable’s greatest asset, and that is what I love the most.  Thank you all for making me “Better Than Yesterday”!

Gary Gates

Age: 33 ¾

Spouse: Kerri

Children: Tucker – 3 years old

Work: Missouri Park & Recreation Association (We are a non-profit providing education for parks and recreation professionals in Missouri… often confused with State Parks)

Started CF: May 15, 2013

What I love most about CFU: The people are awesome. Such a great environment to get sweaty in. Also been known to get a little too excited when the Snatch is programmed.


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