Sunday, 03.10.2019

For Total Time W/Partner: You go, I go style and then together
Cal. Row (16-12-7 for women)
Burpee Over the Rower
*P1 does 21/21, P2 does 21/21, P1 does 15/15, P2 does 15/15 Etc.
-3 Min Rest/Transition-
Cal. Assault Bike (10-8-7 for women)
Power Snatch (95/65)
Bar Facing Burpees
*P1 does 15/15/15, P2 does 15/15/15, P1 does 12/12/12, P2 does 12/12/12 Etc.
-3 Min Rest/Transition-
Cal. Ski Erg (Both partners do each round)
Burpee Bar MU (split between the two partners however)
Devil’s Press (2×35/20…Both partners do each round)
Rope Climbs (split between the two partners however)
*for this part, P1 Skis 12, P2 Skis 12, Split BBMU, P1 12 DP, P2 12 DP, Split Rope Climbs, P1 skis 9, P2 skis 9, Split BBMU, P1 9 DP, P2 9DP, Split Rope Climbs Etc.
***48 Min Cutoff***


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