Sunday, 03.16.14

Thanks EVERYONE who made it to 14.3 and the box party Friday night! Tons of fun! Looking forward to our next one!!

NUTRITION SEMINAR SUNDAY @ 1:30pm! Learn how to turn your nutritional habits around to get to your goals faster!
Should last about an hour THEN you can stay to WOD…

A big welcome to our newest members…Nick, Hannah, Don, Robyn, Jim, and Ashley! Welcome them to the CFU family!

Keep bringing in those shoes! Any shoes will work…this is a spring drive for a local organization.

Monday…wear green 🙂

Congrats to all of those who performed the 14.3 workout! Was great watching everyone push through those 8 minutes!

For those parents with kids in grades 3-6, I will be starting up the MW volleyball clinics in April. I’ll update the page soon and have a form available at the box.

Keep working hard towards your goals everyone! Speaking of goals, have you put your goal on the wall?!? Do it! 🙂

Work Hard, Eat Clean, Be Blessed!



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