Sunday, 10.6.13


A HUGE CONGRATS to Caleb and Lacey for WINNING the Show-Me Strength Competition held at CF Fringe in Columbia on Saturday…3 grueling WOD’s PLUS 3 min of ME DU’s were on tap for these two and they pulled out the wins with DOMINANCE!! Was so awesome to see them compete!

I urge a lot of you to take that leap and find a small competition to step out of that comfort zone…today would have been a perfect time! Look for a competition coming to CFU in February!! Divisions for Rx, Scaled, Masters (40+), Masters(50+), and Teens!

Hoodies have been ordered…should be a couple weeks til they come in. I will let you know the exact cost and you can pay then.

ALL nutrition challengers who got in and measured by Friday will receive a CFU towel…see Coach to get it. Also, the “winners” will be announced on Monday! Great job to everyone! Next BIG challenge will not be until January so it’s up to YOU to get/stay on the Clean Eating wagon! I know it will be hard during the holidays, but you have a CHOICE and I always say “How Bad Do You WANT IT????????????” 🙂

This week’s WOD Theme is “Either/Or”…so YOU have a CHOICE! 😉 hehe  Be prepared for ANYTHING!! (but I PROMISE, “Karen” won’t be in there again!)

See ya at the box!

Work Hard, Eat Clean, Be Blessed!!


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