CrossFit Unstoppable

Why We’re Different…

  • Community…at CFU, everyone knows your name. We workout together, we laugh together, we hang out together and we live life together! We have a common bond where many of us have made life-long friends because of the camaraderie 🙂
  • Coaching…at CFU, we have certified trainers to lead you through the classes…to help you with your form…to offer suggestions for modified lifts and movements…to encourage you to do something that you didn’t think was possible! Our coaches are top-notch!
  • Variety…at CFU, every day is different and you are not repeating movements on a daily basis to cause injury. We offer at least 2 workout options per day along with a variety of challenges during the course of the month/year. With all of the variety, it’s impossible to get bored!
  • Equipment…at CFU, our equipment is pretty basic; no weird machines to get trapped in and all of the movements involve functional fitness! Whether it be dumbbells, kettlebells, boxes, or bikes, our equipment will help you reach your goals!
  • Progress Tracking…at CFU, we provide a fitness tracking app (SugarWOD) to track workouts and PR’s. With this app, members can provide encouragement to other members and this helps to motivate each other with our progress!
  • Nutrition Guidance…at CFU, we offer nutrition coaching as well as publish information about the importance of the food/drink that we consume. We run nutrition challenges throughout the year to try and help members reach their goals faster. (You do not need to be a member of CFU in order to obtain our nutrition services. Click HERE if you are interested in our nutrition coaching!)
  • CrossFit Lingo…at CFU, we have our own language…what is a WOD? (workout of the day)…EMOM?? Say what? Every minute on the minute you will perform a certain movement…And what the heck is an AMRAP? As many rounds/reps as possible! All of these terms help make the workouts more “fun” and different!

The bottom line is…CFU is a fun atmosphere where you can do a bunch of crazy things while having fun with friends in order to reach your goals! It’s a WIN-WIN situation! If you are interested in changing up your routine and reaching your goals faster, book a free No Sweat Intro so we can come up with a plan for YOU! Because you deserve the BEST!

Have a great weekend!

Work Hard, Eat Clean, Be Blessed!


Ken Wilks

Age is Just a Number!

“I am 63 years-old and have been going to the CrossFit Unstoppable Masters Class for seven years.  It has helped me tremendously!  I have toned up my leg and arm muscles – my wife says that I am getting ripped!! An added bonus is that I have increased my stamina.  Plus, it has helped me lose over 40 pounds. 

Debbie, who works with the class knows her stuff and tailors the workouts to suit individual needs.  She challenges us, but she also encourages us and helps us push our limits.  At CrossFit Unstoppable you don’t have to wait to use the exercise equipment nor pay more to have a trainer work with you.  There is plenty of room to work out in and you can easily practice social distancing. 

We do a variety of different exercises each time and I always feel better after going through the workout sessions.  The exercises are good for the heart, body, mind and soul.  If you are 50 or older, I can assure you that joining the Masters Class at CrossFit Unstoppable would be one of the best things you could do for your health and for yourself.”

Ken Wilks
CrossFit Masters Class participant since 2013

If you would like to learn more about our “Forever Young” Masters class, click HERE to set up a free consult to see if our program is right for you!

Work Hard, Eat Clean, Be Blessed!


Boredom Eating…

Have you ever gotten home from a long day at work and found yourself downing a whole bag of chips or sleeve of cookies? Maybe after your long day with the kids you sit down and relax with a little mindless binge on Netflix and automatically turn into a bottomless pit that eats through the pantry like the Hungry, Hungry Caterpillar? Raise your hand, because we have all been there! 

In general, if you’re not hungry, you’re emotionally eating! According to research, a high boredom task increases the desire to snack.  Increases in eating may be used as an attempt to distract from an experience, in this case being bored or stressed.  We often see this while sitting in front of the TV or computer, when feeling stressed about an upcoming deadline, or simply needing a mental break from certain tasks like writing emails. What situations do you find yourself snacking more even though you aren’t hungry?

Just because boredom or stress eating is common, it does NOT mean we have to keep doing it! Here are 5 strategies to help you overcome this habit: 

  1. Fix your mindset 

This is KEY! Instead of thinking thoughts associated with a negative emotion, try turning it positive. Instead of “this is boring” or “this is awful, I hate answering emails all day”, try asking yourself “how can I make this more enjoyable” or thinking, “Everyone has to do some tasks they don’t want to do in life, this is just one of those for me!” While this may seem small, changing negative emotions to positive just by mindset will make a world of difference! 

  1. Closet cleanout

Out of sight, out of mind! Don’t allow your junk food to be so easily available. Choose to get rid of them, place them in high cabinets, or even the freezer!

  1. Change up your routine

Winding down with TV at the end of the day? Decide how many episodes you are going to watch and think about setting an alarm. Rather than snacking, bring a water or seltzer to keep your hand busy. Getting more bored? Move to a different, more stimulating task. 

  1. Learn your hunger & fullness cues

Take the time to check in with yourself and evaluate if you are truly hungry or just bored! Don’t eat until you’re full and SLOW DOWN! It takes time for your brain to get the signal from your stomach that you’ve had enough. 

  1. Practice mindful stress management

This is as easy as remembering “STOP”! Slow down, Take a breath, Observe how you are feeling/thinking and why, Proceed while considering multiple possibilities. 

Stress and boredom eating can create a cycle of continued negative self-talk, thoughts, and feelings. Keep these 5 strategies in mind the next time you feel overwhelmed or sit down to unwind in front of the TV.

 If you are looking for more guidance to create a better mindset and healthy habits, schedule a time to speak with our nutrition coach to help you find the path to success! 


Coach Aaron

Work Hard, Eat Clean, Be Blessed!


Nutrition-Keep It Simple!

Nutrition should not be complicated! But many people make it out to be and start making excuses on why they do not reach their goals! Bottom line is…follow these little tips to make your nutrition journey a little bit easier!

Don’t drink your calories

A coffee from the coffee shop might as well be a giant slab of cake… a venti size frappuccino with whipped cream at Starbucks can have as many as 600 (!) calories. Alcoholic drinks are all empty calories (meaning you get no nutritional value) plus consuming alcohol in excess can cause you to make poor food choices. Fruit juice, while natural, is liquid sugar! Water or unsweetened tea is your best bet. Check the labels!

Drink water with every meal

Hunger can often masquerade as thirst. You may feel that you are still hungry, but really you just need some water, so drink a tall glass with every meal. If you can’t decide if you need a snack or not, drink a glass of water and wait 20 minutes before going for the snack. If plain water is too boring, try infusing your water with fruit. Use a shaker bottle, add a few pieces of frozen fruit and you have a cold, lower sugar, flavorful drink.

Eat veggies with every meal

Mom said veggies are good for you and turns out she was right. Not only are you getting a boatload of nutrients and vitamins, but the water and fiber content of the veggies keeps you feeling fuller for longer. Try sautéing vegetables, like zucchini and onions, and seasoning with salt and pepper and fresh herbs like chopped thyme or tarragon. When in a pinch grab a bag of baby carrots, snap peas, or green beans. Almost all supermarkets have washed and packaged snack or smaller size portions of fresh veggies. At CFU, we teach the plate method which is making at least 1/2 your plate be veggies! This helps with filling you up AND there are less calories!

Make calculated indulgences

Nobody said, never indulge! Just plan and indulge smarter. A failure to plan is a plan for failure! If you know you’re going out for dinner and you’ll want to order dessert, make smart food choices leading up to your meal out and there’s no need to feel guilty about the brownie with ice cream. Ordering the dessert is a planned indulgence. Now, if you find yourself eating junk food from a vending machine because you didn’t plan ahead to bring your own food, you’ve indulged, but you probably haven’t enjoyed it one bit. Plan ahead and eat well most of the time so you can eat something not so healthy but feels truly worth it guilt-free. There are non perishable food items you can stash for snacks; almonds are a great option.

Avoid your “trigger” foods

Can you think of any foods that once you start eating them you just can’t seem to stop? The package of crunchy, salty, sugary, fatty whatever-it-is that you just need to keep snacking on until it’s gone? Any food that triggers a binge, that is, a food you cannot eat in moderation, you should just simply steer clear of. Remove the temptation. If it is in your house get rid of it and replace it with a healthier option. Better yet, don’t buy it in the first place!

It all goes back to keep it simple. If it is to hard to follow it is a recipe for failure and frustration.

Take the tips above focus on them and then start building upon them. Don’t start with “all of the above” all at once…take one tip per week and build upon that!

If you would like to have some extra guidance, book a free consultation with one of the nutrition coaches so we can get you on the right path! You are worth the time and effort! Have a blessed day!

Work Hard, Eat Clean, Be Blessed!


Transformation Tuesday

Michelle Trupiano

12 Weeks!

I am so proud of this lady! When she first walked through the CFU doors, she really didn’t know what to expect and she kept asking if she could really do CrossFit. Yes, Michelle…You CAN! And look what she says about her past 3 months at CFU…

“This is long and both a brag and a thank you…

3 months ago I was the heaviest I’ve ever been outside of being pregnant. 

It wasn’t so much the number on the scale that bothered me but that fact that I was lethargic all the time, my clothes didn’t fit, and I was being controlled by my addiction to sugar. 

I had been telling myself for months that I needed to make a change but one day would pass into the next and I couldn’t muster the motivation. 

One day I was scrolling through FB and an ad popped up for CFU. Not sure what it was but something “clicked” that this was it. 

In less than 3 minutes I was signed up for a consultation and it has been the best split second decision I have ever made. 

The first few workouts I had lots of WTF have I gotten myself into thoughts (honestly, I still have lots of those thoughts) but I stuck with it, even in quarantine, and in 3 months I have lost 16 lbs and 10% body fat, but more importantly I have energy for the people and things I love.

 I still have a ton of goals to achieve, like maybe one day in the future (far, far, away) being able to do a HSPU, or lift more than 60 #’s, or hang from the rig for more than 15 seconds, but for now, I truly feel Unstoppable. 

Big thanks to Debbie for all that she does day in and day out to motivate all of us and to all the coaches, especially the D&E coaches – David, Haley and Aaron – for always being patient as you show me once again the correct way to do something and always pushing me to do a little more than I think I am capable of. 

And thanks to all the members for always cheering me on. I didn’t know that CFU was what I needed but I am so glad I walked through the doors!”

Michelle, we will help you reach your goals…just keep showing up and doing the work! Your hard work and dedication is definitely paying off!

If you would like to achieve similar goals, book a No Sweat Intro with us and we will help you get there! Happy Tuesday!

Work Hard, Eat Clean, Be Blessed!


Why We’re a CrossFit Gym…6.28.20

Why CrossFit?? Read below on why Unstoppable is a CrossFit gym.

I founded CrossFit Unstoppable in October of 2011 with our first WOD being on 11/28/11. In 2010, I found CrossFit for myself because a friend introduced me to it.

I was intrigued how a combination of exercises in a short duration of time could get me results so I set out to see what it could do for me!

I haven’t looked back since; I began my 5 session foundations at CrossFit United in Columbia, MO and then proceeded to attend classes as much as I could from August 2010 – March 2011 (when I decided to obtain my Level 1 certification).

CrossFit in 2010 wasn’t quite the same CrossFit you see on TV now. I did become addicted to watching the Games that year through streaming on the internet…It was crazy exciting! Back then, CrossFit was just coming into the “limelight” and it was starting to be a craze! I think the whole factor of the mixing up the movements on the daily and things being different is what appealed to people the most, especially myself! The whole CrossFit movement felt right; get fit and have FUN at the same time! It was like a whole new ballgame every day and we set out to compete against ourselves on a daily basis. That’s still the CrossFit we practice at Unstoppable: We take what works and and keep working on what makes us better.

When we opened up in 2011, there were maybe 5,000 affiliates in the world; now there are over 15,000! Why? Because the program WORKS and it’s FUN! Who wouldn’t want to be a part of this?? Plus, I’ve found some of my best friends through CrossFit! 🙂

With the growth of CrossFit there has come a lot of diversity. Our gym is a community of like-minded individuals who want to get fit and have fun. We do not judge based on your size, your gender or race and we consider everyone as family when you walk into our doors.

Every year at CrossFit Unstoppable, we do the CrossFit Open. Worldwide, the Open is the first stage of qualification for the CrossFit Games. But we make it fun, have theme nights and after parties following each night. It’s a great way to test our strengths (and weaknesses) against the best in the world!

Sometimes, members of the CFU family like to do competitions which helps bring our community togethere as well. I’ve done a few too and it’s fun to test your fitness with like-minded individuals. However at my young age of 52, I might be hanging it up and just “compete” amongst friends at the gym and support those who go on to compete in the bigger competitions 🙂

Another area of diversity in the CrossFit community is workout design. Before CrossFit, I was stuck with 3 days of weight training and 3 days of cardio…3 sets of 12 reps of DB flyes, tricep extensions, curls, etc… B-O-R-I-N-G! I’m happy to say that our “programming” of workouts make things a whole lot more interesting than your typical gym. We want people to be excited to test their fitness especially on a new movement or maybe get a better score than the last time they completed that workout.

CFU is a little different in their programming in that we provide at least 2 workouts (WOD’s) per day for athletes to choose from; as stated before we do not judge people based on anything they do and we understand that everyone has different goals. If someone wants to do a more intense cardio workout then he/she may choose our Endurance WOD or FitWOD for the day. Choices are what sets CrossFit Unstoppable apart from other gyms and I believe that our athletes are better for it!

I always point out to the athletes that if the workouts were easy, then everyone would be doing it! Can anyone do CrossFit? Yes! My 73 year old Dad and 74 year old Aunt are a part of my “Masters” class. They do similar workouts, just not at the weights or intensity of our regular classes…So YES, YOU CAN!

Our trainers do not expect perfect form and movement, but they will coach you to help you become better than yesterday! We just want our athletes to show up on a regular basis so they can get better and reach their goals. We challenge our athletes daily and we only want the best for them!

I love being a CrossFit gym. We’re now in our 9th year as a CrossFit affiliate and I wouldn’t have it any other way! I’ve dropped into other CF gyms around the country and while they have the same “community feel” nothing beats having your own CrossFit family waiting for you back home.

Most people at CrossFit Unstoppable do group classes but we also offer 1:1 services. Either way you choose, we just want to help change your life!  Start with a free, intro visit by booking here >> Let’s Do This!

We Want To Help YOU!

Work Hard, Eat Clean, Be Blessed!

*Inspiration provided by Chris Cooper at

Michelle who helped me discover CrossFit – March of 2012 🙂