Fall Forward…

Don’t Look Back

(Inspired by a motivational video I watched/listened to this morning…Think of how you start your day; get yourself in the right mindset in order to set yourself up for SUCCESS!)

-You can’t keep falling down and staying down-how will you EVER get to where you want to be??

-You are responsible for your actions – it’s not someone else’s fault; stop blaming others for your failures…

-Nothing is impossible, you just need to believe in what you are trying to accomplish – the word impossible should actually be I’m-Possible!!

-Set yourself up to win the day – find small wins you can celebrate – these small wins will allow you to keep moving forward to your goals!

-Roadblocks will happen, but you must remain stronger than those excuses that will come up! No Excuses!

-Remember where you want to be for you! Don’t try to make others happy before making yourself happy – Love yourself enough to do what’s best for YOU!

-Own your future and keep falling forward towards your goals – one step after the other!

-You are WORTH it!

Have a great Friday Eve!

Work Hard, Eat Clean, Be Blessed!


Meet the Trainers at CFU

Nikki Newton

Spouse: David

Kids: Kohen, Asher, Elsie, Bear

Occupation: Mom, Homeschool

Years doing CrossFit: 3

Month/Year started at CFU: January 2019

Month/Year became a Trainer: November 2019

Favorite Movements: Anything Gymnastics or Cleans

Least Favorite Movements: Assault Bike and heavy deadlifts

Why I became a trainer: I love encouraging people to get better and to grow in all areas of their lives, but in this case with their health. I love teaching people that fitness doesn’t have to be boring or mundane but that it’s fun and exciting! 

Favorite Food: Donuts

Hobbies: CrossFit, being outside, hanging with family, eating yummy food

Thank you Nikki for being part of the CFU Team and family! We also appreciate all of your help and knowledge you bring to the Unstoppable Fitness Crew! Keep up the great work! 🙂


Meet the Trainers at CFU!

Wondering who works at CrossFit Unstoppable??

I’ll be featuring one trainer per day along with some of their favorite things about life and CrossFit!

My most seasoned trainer at the moment is:

Seth Wigle

Spouse: Chelsea 

Kids: Landon, Brooklyn

Profession: Police Officer

Month/Year Started at CFU: 5/2013

Month/Year Became Trainer: 6/2014

Favorite Part of Being a Trainer: interacting with athletes and helping them become better and achieve their goals

Favorite Movements: shoulder to overhead, ski erg, handstand walk

Favorite Food: Healthy – raw peppers, Not Healthy – any desserts

Hobbies: camping, fishing, anything with family and friends

Seth also helps out CFU by programming the strength components and regular and advanced WOD’s for the week. He has been an integral part of CFU for the past 7 years and I look forward to working with him for many more!

Seth in his own words: Seth Wigle (click here for his interview 🙂 )


CrossFit Unstoppable

Why We’re Different…

  • Community…at CFU, everyone knows your name. We workout together, we laugh together, we hang out together and we live life together! We have a common bond where many of us have made life-long friends because of the camaraderie 🙂
  • Coaching…at CFU, we have certified trainers to lead you through the classes…to help you with your form…to offer suggestions for modified lifts and movements…to encourage you to do something that you didn’t think was possible! Our coaches are top-notch!
  • Variety…at CFU, every day is different and you are not repeating movements on a daily basis to cause injury. We offer at least 2 workout options per day along with a variety of challenges during the course of the month/year. With all of the variety, it’s impossible to get bored!
  • Equipment…at CFU, our equipment is pretty basic; no weird machines to get trapped in and all of the movements involve functional fitness! Whether it be dumbbells, kettlebells, boxes, or bikes, our equipment will help you reach your goals!
  • Progress Tracking…at CFU, we provide a fitness tracking app (SugarWOD) to track workouts and PR’s. With this app, members can provide encouragement to other members and this helps to motivate each other with our progress!
  • Nutrition Guidance…at CFU, we offer nutrition coaching as well as publish information about the importance of the food/drink that we consume. We run nutrition challenges throughout the year to try and help members reach their goals faster. (You do not need to be a member of CFU in order to obtain our nutrition services. Click HERE if you are interested in our nutrition coaching!)
  • CrossFit Lingo…at CFU, we have our own language…what is a WOD? (workout of the day)…EMOM?? Say what? Every minute on the minute you will perform a certain movement…And what the heck is an AMRAP? As many rounds/reps as possible! All of these terms help make the workouts more “fun” and different!

The bottom line is…CFU is a fun atmosphere where you can do a bunch of crazy things while having fun with friends in order to reach your goals! It’s a WIN-WIN situation! If you are interested in changing up your routine and reaching your goals faster, book a free No Sweat Intro so we can come up with a plan for YOU! Because you deserve the BEST!

Have a great weekend!

Work Hard, Eat Clean, Be Blessed!


Ken Wilks

Age is Just a Number!

“I am 63 years-old and have been going to the CrossFit Unstoppable Masters Class for seven years.  It has helped me tremendously!  I have toned up my leg and arm muscles – my wife says that I am getting ripped!! An added bonus is that I have increased my stamina.  Plus, it has helped me lose over 40 pounds. 

Debbie, who works with the class knows her stuff and tailors the workouts to suit individual needs.  She challenges us, but she also encourages us and helps us push our limits.  At CrossFit Unstoppable you don’t have to wait to use the exercise equipment nor pay more to have a trainer work with you.  There is plenty of room to work out in and you can easily practice social distancing. 

We do a variety of different exercises each time and I always feel better after going through the workout sessions.  The exercises are good for the heart, body, mind and soul.  If you are 50 or older, I can assure you that joining the Masters Class at CrossFit Unstoppable would be one of the best things you could do for your health and for yourself.”

Ken Wilks
CrossFit Masters Class participant since 2013

If you would like to learn more about our “Forever Young” Masters class, click HERE to set up a free consult to see if our program is right for you!

Work Hard, Eat Clean, Be Blessed!


Boredom Eating…

Have you ever gotten home from a long day at work and found yourself downing a whole bag of chips or sleeve of cookies? Maybe after your long day with the kids you sit down and relax with a little mindless binge on Netflix and automatically turn into a bottomless pit that eats through the pantry like the Hungry, Hungry Caterpillar? Raise your hand, because we have all been there! 

In general, if you’re not hungry, you’re emotionally eating! According to research, a high boredom task increases the desire to snack.  Increases in eating may be used as an attempt to distract from an experience, in this case being bored or stressed.  We often see this while sitting in front of the TV or computer, when feeling stressed about an upcoming deadline, or simply needing a mental break from certain tasks like writing emails. What situations do you find yourself snacking more even though you aren’t hungry?

Just because boredom or stress eating is common, it does NOT mean we have to keep doing it! Here are 5 strategies to help you overcome this habit: 

  1. Fix your mindset 

This is KEY! Instead of thinking thoughts associated with a negative emotion, try turning it positive. Instead of “this is boring” or “this is awful, I hate answering emails all day”, try asking yourself “how can I make this more enjoyable” or thinking, “Everyone has to do some tasks they don’t want to do in life, this is just one of those for me!” While this may seem small, changing negative emotions to positive just by mindset will make a world of difference! 

  1. Closet cleanout

Out of sight, out of mind! Don’t allow your junk food to be so easily available. Choose to get rid of them, place them in high cabinets, or even the freezer!

  1. Change up your routine

Winding down with TV at the end of the day? Decide how many episodes you are going to watch and think about setting an alarm. Rather than snacking, bring a water or seltzer to keep your hand busy. Getting more bored? Move to a different, more stimulating task. 

  1. Learn your hunger & fullness cues

Take the time to check in with yourself and evaluate if you are truly hungry or just bored! Don’t eat until you’re full and SLOW DOWN! It takes time for your brain to get the signal from your stomach that you’ve had enough. 

  1. Practice mindful stress management

This is as easy as remembering “STOP”! Slow down, Take a breath, Observe how you are feeling/thinking and why, Proceed while considering multiple possibilities. 

Stress and boredom eating can create a cycle of continued negative self-talk, thoughts, and feelings. Keep these 5 strategies in mind the next time you feel overwhelmed or sit down to unwind in front of the TV.

 If you are looking for more guidance to create a better mindset and healthy habits, schedule a time to speak with our nutrition coach to help you find the path to success! 


Coach Aaron

Work Hard, Eat Clean, Be Blessed!


What Can Help You Get “There”… Tuesday 6.30.20

When taking the Level 1 certification, trainers go through lectures dealing with health, wellness and nutrition. One of the lectures involved was the “Sickness-Wellness-Fitness” continuum. If you have never seen it before, I will try and find a picture to post. Anyway, when the virus started making the news, little was said about underlying conditions and those being “sick” would have a higher chance of contracting the virus.

I put myself on that little scale, and to be honest, if I play my cards right and follow protocol then I shouldn’t contract the virus because I am in the Wellness-Fitness level. Some of my family members are not however and this worries me. What can help a person get to that “Fitness” area of the scale?? Working out and eating healthy, that’s what!

But how do we get our loved ones to change? I usually feel like a nag when I question poor eating choices or lack of movement…the best I can do right now is offer suggestions and set a good example. Little changes can make a big difference so keep setting a good example for your families! You never know who you will inspire!

Make sure you are investing your time wisely for your physical and mental health. Having extra stressors in your life can counteract what you are doing on the physical side. Just like we like to say, you can’t out train a bad diet, same goes with dealing with mental and emotional struggles; although working out does help with this! So keep up the good work and log those minutes whatever you are doing!

Need some extra accountability, find a friend and let them know that you want to change for the better; I’d suggest someone outside of your household too. Plan on meeting at the gym or the park for a workout or just a walk. You can also have a nutrition accountability partner…what are you going to have for dinner? Did you buy ice cream at the store?? Remember what your goals are!! Write them on post-it notes and put them around the house, your car, at work; heck even in the fridge! Let someone know what those goals are so they can help you reach them!

About a month ago (and you can check my Instagram page) I put up 21-day Mental Health/Stress Management tips; I suggest you go back to that and start on day one so you can get a handle on the mental side of bettering your health. I hope these ideas help you somewhat in realizing what needs to happen in order to get you closer to “there” (I think deep down we want to be in the “fitness” realm!) Let me know if I can help with anything else! I’m here for you!

Work Hard, Eat Clean, Be Blessed!


Fitness Goals – Shrink the Size of your BUT…

2020 was going to be THE year! I just knew it, my members knew it and everyone was ready to get started on new goals! The atmosphere at the gym was amazing…record number of check-ins and everyone making changes in their nutrition. We are nearly half way through 2020, so how are those fitness goals going now?

If your goal was to lose weight in 2020, how are you doing? Are you making headway? What is stopping you from reaching that goal? 

Many times when we start new fitness and nutrition goals or plans, we do really well for the first few weeks and then we get a little bit too comfortable and our minds start to play tricks on us. We may take a few extra bites of dessert, stop logging our food, or even miss a workout or two because we think we’ve got this goal made! You may also find that you end up using the word BUT more, which hinders your progress…Take these examples for instance: 

  • I’ve lost 10 pounds already, BUT I hate logging ALL of my food; it’s too time consuming!
  • I’m eating healthier and making better decisions, BUT I hate meal prepping on the weekend! 

Once you’ve made one of your short-term goals, that is when you really need to dig deep and focus on your mindset…This is an important step to eventually reaching that long-term goal. Focus on the things that you are saying to yourself especially if you use the word BUT a lot and turn things around! Remember your WHY and the reason you are trying so hard to reach your goals – focus on shrinking the BUT in your life! Here are some statements that you can utilize instead: 

  • I know that health conditions run in my family and I want to stop the cycle so logging my food and exercising daily will increase my chances of success. I want to be better for me and my family!
  • I know that a couple hours on the weekend of meal prepping will help me with the craziness of my week and will take the guesswork out of what to eat. It will save me time and money in the long run AND will get me closer to my goals! 

So if you want to reach your long term goals faster, you MUST shrink the size of your BUT! 😉 If you would like some extra help, reach out and we can help!

Work Hard, Eat Clean, Be Blessed

*thanks to Joanna from CF AllKine for the inspiration for this post 🙂