Why We’re a CrossFit Gym…6.28.20

Why CrossFit?? Read below on why Unstoppable is a CrossFit gym.

I founded CrossFit Unstoppable in October of 2011 with our first WOD being on 11/28/11. In 2010, I found CrossFit for myself because a friend introduced me to it.

I was intrigued how a combination of exercises in a short duration of time could get me results so I set out to see what it could do for me!

I haven’t looked back since; I began my 5 session foundations at CrossFit United in Columbia, MO and then proceeded to attend classes as much as I could from August 2010 – March 2011 (when I decided to obtain my Level 1 certification).

CrossFit in 2010 wasn’t quite the same CrossFit you see on TV now. I did become addicted to watching the Games that year through streaming on the internet…It was crazy exciting! Back then, CrossFit was just coming into the “limelight” and it was starting to be a craze! I think the whole factor of the mixing up the movements on the daily and things being different is what appealed to people the most, especially myself! The whole CrossFit movement felt right; get fit and have FUN at the same time! It was like a whole new ballgame every day and we set out to compete against ourselves on a daily basis. That’s still the CrossFit we practice at Unstoppable: We take what works and and keep working on what makes us better.

When we opened up in 2011, there were maybe 5,000 affiliates in the world; now there are over 15,000! Why? Because the program WORKS and it’s FUN! Who wouldn’t want to be a part of this?? Plus, I’ve found some of my best friends through CrossFit! 🙂

With the growth of CrossFit there has come a lot of diversity. Our gym is a community of like-minded individuals who want to get fit and have fun. We do not judge based on your size, your gender or race and we consider everyone as family when you walk into our doors.

Every year at CrossFit Unstoppable, we do the CrossFit Open. Worldwide, the Open is the first stage of qualification for the CrossFit Games. But we make it fun, have theme nights and after parties following each night. It’s a great way to test our strengths (and weaknesses) against the best in the world!

Sometimes, members of the CFU family like to do competitions which helps bring our community togethere as well. I’ve done a few too and it’s fun to test your fitness with like-minded individuals. However at my young age of 52, I might be hanging it up and just “compete” amongst friends at the gym and support those who go on to compete in the bigger competitions 🙂

Another area of diversity in the CrossFit community is workout design. Before CrossFit, I was stuck with 3 days of weight training and 3 days of cardio…3 sets of 12 reps of DB flyes, tricep extensions, curls, etc… B-O-R-I-N-G! I’m happy to say that our “programming” of workouts make things a whole lot more interesting than your typical gym. We want people to be excited to test their fitness especially on a new movement or maybe get a better score than the last time they completed that workout.

CFU is a little different in their programming in that we provide at least 2 workouts (WOD’s) per day for athletes to choose from; as stated before we do not judge people based on anything they do and we understand that everyone has different goals. If someone wants to do a more intense cardio workout then he/she may choose our Endurance WOD or FitWOD for the day. Choices are what sets CrossFit Unstoppable apart from other gyms and I believe that our athletes are better for it!

I always point out to the athletes that if the workouts were easy, then everyone would be doing it! Can anyone do CrossFit? Yes! My 73 year old Dad and 74 year old Aunt are a part of my “Masters” class. They do similar workouts, just not at the weights or intensity of our regular classes…So YES, YOU CAN!

Our trainers do not expect perfect form and movement, but they will coach you to help you become better than yesterday! We just want our athletes to show up on a regular basis so they can get better and reach their goals. We challenge our athletes daily and we only want the best for them!

I love being a CrossFit gym. We’re now in our 9th year as a CrossFit affiliate and I wouldn’t have it any other way! I’ve dropped into other CF gyms around the country and while they have the same “community feel” nothing beats having your own CrossFit family waiting for you back home.

Most people at CrossFit Unstoppable do group classes but we also offer 1:1 services. Either way you choose, we just want to help change your life!  Start with a free, intro visit by booking here >> Let’s Do This!

We Want To Help YOU!

Work Hard, Eat Clean, Be Blessed!

*Inspiration provided by Chris Cooper at

Michelle who helped me discover CrossFit – March of 2012 🙂