Transformation Tuesday

So a confession here…I failed to post last night/yesterday; I had been watching a documentary and tried to log in to my account via my phone and my password wouldn’t work AND I was too lazy to come back to the computer last night and went to bed instead…So here I am at 5am on a Tuesday unable to sleep :-/

Instead of a typical transformation from someone else, let’s talk about YOUR transformation! The other day a memory popped up on Facebook of my son and I 11 years ago and it was about 4 months before I started my fitness journey. Oh how I never want to be back to that! I’ve taken quite the turn in the right direction and that’s where I want YOU to head as well!

Are you on the right path?

How has your fitness/health/nutrition been in the last 5 years…2 years…1 year…6 months…the present?

Has anyone gained the “Quarantine 15”? Or were you able to stay up with your fitness and health via online workouts or actually being able to go to the gym? Thankfully we were able to open back up at the end of April so a good 3 months. We still have some members who have yet to return but I’m hopeful that will change in a couple of months.

Those of you who HAVE been able to stay somewhat consistent, are you happy with your results or is there something missing? Do you need to get to the gym more, run more, take care of your nutrition, sleep more, meditate more or all of the above? I’m an “all of the above” gal…I just need to focus and schedule my time better. I like Tuesday and Thursday mornings because I get a bigger chunk of time in the morning when my mind is somewhat fresh to get a big chunk of work done. On a rare occasion I may make an appearance at an early CF class…may happen this morning if I can get some of my things done.

Any way…YOUR transformation…do you want to start today? Or do you want to make it to your goals faster? I can help with that…YOU just have to book an appointment with me 🙂 FREE INTRO We can discuss the next steps OR we can talk about how to make your current plan BETTER! Everyone wants to be better, right?

Have a great Tuesday!

Work Hard, Eat Clean, Be Blessed!


Rest & Recovery

Rest days…some people are good at them, some are not; that’s the plain honest truth. When I talk rest, I mean not doing a hard work and giving your body a day or two to recover. Some people like to workout at CFU all week then take the weekends off and maybe go for a walk or run. Others may go 6 days on with just one day off. Everyone is different; the key here is to listen to your body.

Today I did just that, well kinda…Yesterday I had a pretty tough workout which included 80 heavy lunges and my backside let me know this morning that they were heavy! So, instead of doing 63 wallballs along with some burpees and rowing, I decided to workout my lungs instead on a cardio challenge workout that we posted. Our gym is a bit unique in that we have 2-3 options to choose from when you go to the gym.

This is because everyone has different goals and abilities. I like to think that our members are more apt to show up because of these choices and it is better in the long run for all of our goals. Had I done the regular workout, I probably wouldn’t have been able to walk right for a few days 😉 Don’t laugh, it’s probably happened to you as well! 🙂

Post-recovery…what do you do? Stretch…mobility…protein…recovery drink…all of the above? We all should be doing this! I’m guilty of not stretching the right way after a workout as I’m usually busy going from appointment to class to appointment to whatever…It gets pretty hectic, but one thing that I have found that does help a bit faster for me are recovery drinks. I prefer the O2+ which is a non-carbonated, oxygen infused drink with CBD recovery in it!

Our gym recently participated in the #stayformay campaign and O2 was gracious enough to help out the members by selling the cases online for 1/2 price; our gym also got a few extra cases as an incentive for participating. All in all, it was a WIN-WIN situation because we got to save money AND we have a great recovery drink for our tough workouts.

Take the listening to your body and taking a rest day, stretching and a recovery drink here and there and you’re bound to set yourself up for success! It doesn’t do anyone any good to workout if you don’t have any fuel in the tank! I’ll go more into that later in the week! Hope you all had a great Monday! 🙂

Work Hard, Eat Clean, Be Blessed!