Resolutions or Results…

Do you make resolutions at the beginning of the new year? If so, did you meet last years? I’m betting that many of you missed the mark (I know I did!) Who would have guessed on December 31, 2019 that we would experience a year like no other (a year that shall not be named!)

But on a serious note, I hope that all of you and your family stayed healthy during the past year and you are set to have an even BETTER year! I set off in 2020, thinking that it would be my best year ever in terms of personal and business growth. Didn’t quite make the mark, but I can look back on the difficulties and know that I made it through! The only way to go is UP!

This year instead of resolutions, try setting small, manageable goals like: drink 80oz of water daily…do this for a week or two then add: exercise for 20 minutes per day 3x per week…after 2 weeks, bump up the minutes or the days and add another small goal like add more vegetables to my meals. The list of small goals is endless. Mine are pretty simple: Practice gratitude daily, Be present more, Get enough sleep/water daily, Exercise at least 5x per week, and eat 80% clean.

This month I’m trying a “Junk-Free January…No junk food, no alcohol and I’m ridding my house of 5 items of clutter daily. Try it this month and see what you can get rid of (I plan on getting rid of at least 7#/5” and a whole lot of clutter!) Join me!

So there you go, start with a little thing and the end game will be more satisfying instead of looking at the big picture over 300 days from now!

Baby Steps! If you need help with your goals or need a place to start, schedule a Free Intro so we can help! Happy New Year!

Work Hard, Eat Clean, Be Blessed!