The Five Emotional Stages of CrossFit

Was/Is this any of you?!? Keep going…DON’T QUIT!! You are worth it and in the end you GET TO feel like a total bad@$$!! 🙂

“As of this week, I am now into my third week of CrossFit. This is my first full week of regular classes after graduating the introductory On-Ramp classes. In my short time at CrossFit, I have noticed a definite trend in my emotions. I call it the Five Emotional Stages of CrossFit:

1. Fear and Dread:
This is how I feel when I read about the upcoming WOD on my box’s Facebook page. I often worry think about the WOD for up to eight hours before actually doing it. This is kind of absurd considering the WOD itself only lasts between 7-20 minutes. This is where I have to learn to fight my brain and push past the negative thoughts that tell me I’d rather go home and watch prime time television (or sleep in). Of course it is going to be hard. It is supposed to be hard. That is kind of the point.

2. Acceptance:
Once I arrive at the Box, I instantly feel better. Everyone is very friendly and supportive. It is probably the least intimidating gym environment I have ever been in, as far as the other athletes personalities are concerned. There are more than enough people around willing to help build you up, to give you pointers and the confidence you need to get through it. I even start to get this false hope that it won’t be that bad.

3. Pain & Suffering:
This is how I frequently feel during the WOD. I sometimes actually worry that I might die (or puke). At times I have seriously contemplated throwing down the barbell and running out the back door in tears to never return again (I would never actually do that). I feel pain. I am suffering. I am making faces that would scare small children (no one take my picture please). I am paying someone money to feel this kind of pain? What is wrong with me? I remind myself this is all making me stronger. I am doing this on purpose.

4. Total Elation:
Immediately following the 7-20 minutes of pure hell, I feel a top-of-the-world elation that is hard to describe. It is kind of like a runners high, but better. I may be laid out on the floor while I am feeling this, but even if I finished in very last place, I pretty much feel like a total bad-ass. These are probably some of the happiest minutes of my day (outside of the time I spend with hubby).

5. Excitement:
This is the part when I go home and all I can talk about (to my poor Hubby and anyone else who will pretend to listen) is CrossFit. I rehash every miserable minute with such enthusiasm, one might think I was crazy. Wait, I’m confused, it sucked? So why are you so happy? I am very excited at this point to face the next challenge. I imagine my future-self doing unassisted pull-ups, handstand push-ups, and back squatting my own body weight! I can’t wait for the next class…until the next day’s WOD is posted on their Facebook page.

Then I repeat the cycle…

How about you? Does your work out scare you? How do you get through it mentally?

Keep Running (and WODing),



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