Thursday, 1.01.15


imageI’ve got some BIG NEWS for the CFU athletes! Many of you may remember  that we did a fundraiser WOD for the 50 States campaign; well now we, as a community have the opportunity to GIVE BACK to the Mid-Missouri community just by checking in to CrossFit Unstoppable via Facebook! And the best part is…it’s FREE for you to do AND we GET TO help others in the process!

A big thanks to Mike at CrossFit COMO for helping me out with this! More details are below and I will post some more info on the Facebook group page…

This month, we’re giving back to babies and their families during a time, that for many, feel absolutely helpless.

The featured charity for the January #CheckInGiveBack Challenge is Books for Babies, a program at the University of Missouri Children’s Hospital Intensive Care Unit.

About Books for Babies
The Books for Babies program helps new, frightened parents assist in the care of their sick infant in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Each child’s parents receive a children’s book when they arrive in the NICU, and at the start of every month they receive another new book. The baby’s footprints are on the inside cover of the book, giving the parents a way to see their baby’s growth from month to month.
Parents are encouraged to read the books aloud to their babies, creating a way for them to be active in their children’s care. For parents who cannot yet touch their frail babies, research has proven that voice-recognition bonding is extremely important.

For every 20 check-ins, we’ll provide one of these books to a family to read to their sweet babies.

Each month the charity will be different so let’s see how many check-ins we can get in January! 🙂 I’m all about goals these days so how about we set a goal of at least 15 Books For Babies! That’s only 300 check-ins!

I’ll be at the box Thursday to assist you in Checking In to Give Back!


One Class @ 9am

Strength: Clean 6×3 (3sec pause at knee) @70-80%

ADV: 6×3 + 1 Jerk (3sec pause at knee) @70-80%


Partner WOD(one working at a time)

15min AMRAP

20 Burpees

15 DU’s

20 Hollow rocks

15 Hang Power Cleans (95/65)


Bonus Work: 5K Row or 1000 DU’s for time J


Advanced WOD:

15min AMRAP

20 WB (30/20/14)

10 T2B

5 KB (70/53)


TEC WOD: Meet at 3pm on Edgewood for some Tempo Runs


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