Thursday 6.18.20

Just Show Up & Do Work!

One of the most common questions we get at CFU goes something like this …

“How do I get better at Doubleunders, Pull-ups, Running, Toes 2 Bar, etc…(and the list goes on)?”

Usually this question comes up the day one of those movements is in a workout or part of the strength portion.

Our response is usually, well, we are working on it right now!

Yes, a few minor tweaks or cues could help them out in that moment or time, but in the long run it’s the commitment “off” the WOD floor that will reap their rewards!

Sometimes you need specific work on specific things to reach specific goals. We know this, and that’s why we start our members off with a No Sweat Intro. We sit down and go over your goals as an athlete and determine our best course of action.

Lay out your goals and we will find some action steps through personal or group training, mindset exercises, nutrition advice and accountability to help you reach those goals

In most cases, the action steps include “just showing up”.

What exactly does that mean??

It means JUST SHOW UP and the achieving will take care of itself.

I had a member yesterday post that she just started doing toes-to-bar in a workout and they just happened! No, they didn’t just happen, she had been doing the proper progressions each workout she participated, got stronger, and was able to move more efficiently! That’s what showing up means and we love to celebrate those bright spots in a member’s journey!

Pretty simple really! Doing = Becoming. You can’t just walk inside the gym and expect miracles…you do need to put in the extra work AND practice patience! It won’t happen overnight 🙂

You joined our gym or sought out our training because you wanted to achieve a certain goal and we are here to help you with that! Every day you show up and put in the work is one day further to reaching that elusive goal!

Every day, (well you need to rest too 😉 ) SHOW UP, Every day, PUT IN WORK and Every day, Count your Blessings that you GET TO! You get to do this…I always like to say to someone who claims they aren’t making any progress – “Well, did you show up?? Well, you’re lapping everyone on the couch!”

So, how are YOU going to SHOW UP today??

Work Hard, Eat Clean, Be Blessed 🙂


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