Thursday, 8.21.14


Push Press Demo

Working on strengthening the upper body on Thursday! You all ARE feeling STRONGER right?? This CrossFit thing really works! 😉

Just a reminder that we will be doing Cosmic bowling Friday night at 9pm at Westgate Lanes! Members and families welcome…not sure how many lanes we’ll get, but I’m sure we’ll have some fun!

Also a reminder about signing up for the WODFest…You CAN enter a category AND help out with the event so get out of that comfort zone, find a partner and sign up! (copy and paste…)

Just a heads up, but August will be our last month of using WODTogether; they are making changes and these changes are not cost effective. We will be going back to log books or keeping track through an app on your phone. If you have recorded your top weights for the lifts/benchmarks, I would go in and get all of the data and write it out.

So beginning on Sept. 1st, bring a composition book, a planner, or your old WOD book to start keeping track of your weights, WOD’s and times. We will have a spreadsheet available to put in your books to help keep track of maxes.

This in turn leads to the monthly membership payments; if you have been with me since last summer, we were using the Central Bank ACH program which is a secure way to run transactions. We will be going back to that in SEPTEMBER which means…I will need a VOIDED CHECK by TUESDAY in order to get the account information entered into the system by the end of the month. There will be an ACH form available beginning on Friday for ALL members to fill out and attach their check. Your information will remain secure as it has in the past. Note that there will be no rate changes; your amount will be entered with what you are currently paying each month. I know this is short notice, but I just got word on Monday that WT was changing their way of doing things.  So bear with me as we go through this transition phase… (if your account information HAS NOT changed since last summer, let me know and we will not have to re-enter).

Thanks for your understanding!

Work Hard, Eat Clean, Be Blessed!


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