Trainer of the Month: Andrea “Andi” Niekamp


I received my first email inquiry from Andi on the very FIRST day I ran an official class at CFU, when we were at what is referred to the “baby box”. That was November 28th, 2011…Andi said she was told about a new CF gym that was open in JC and that what she had done, she absolutely loved…we had not yet gone public with CFU and Andi had other commitments in December so she started her CF101 in January of 2012. I remember Andi telling me about some of her challenges and what her goals were…3 years later and this gal has come a long way from doing those “little AMRAP’s” in that garage gym. When I grow up I wanna be as strong as Andi! πŸ™‚

Andi has the following certifications: Level 1, Kettlebell, and Olympic Lifting; Andi serves as an Educator of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing in the Columbia Public Schools and lives here in Jefferson City. I am so happy that Andi made that first inquiry to CrossFit Unstoppable back in 2011 as she has given CFU so much in terms of support, knowledge and leadership! Looking forward to many more years with this young lady and seeing where she goes as an athlete and a trainer!

A little bit about Andi:

As stated before, she started CF in January of 2012 so almost 3 years…Her favorite movement is…you get one guess… πŸ™‚ LIFTING HEAVY–ding ding ding, you were right! Andi never ceases to amaze me when there are lifts involved…she is always striving to be Better than Yesterday! Andi’s least favorite movement…again, one guess…yep, Running πŸ˜‰ But I’ve seen Andi go beyond her comfort zone and embrace the suck because she DOES want to get better…So keep at it Andi!

When asked why she wanted to be a trainer, Andi responded: to help others find a drive they didn’t know they had. To help others start to feel better about themselves and learn to appreciate their bodies…Even when they don’t think they are perfect.

Andi’s own goals include to continue to appreciate her body for what it allows her to do and to continue to push those limits! I look forward to seeing Andi succeed at pushing out of that comfort zone into the land of Better BEASTMODE status…she’s already at BEASTMODE πŸ˜‰

Andi’s advice to members…Remember why you started and what your personal goals are…Don’t get caught up in others progress; Reflect on your OWN! Also, let knowledgeable people push you outside your comfort zone! Once you’re able to step into new territory, you may find amazing things can happen…mentally & physically!

Thank you Andi for continuing to be a Blessing to CrossFit Unstoppable! The members and I appreciate your drive and dedication! πŸ™‚


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